Saturday, January 29, 2011


Yesterday my sis asked me what I want for my bday this year...
And I was like --- Oaww... I never asked anything on my bday from anyone in 21 yrs of my life...
I wasted all those years
What a pity! I could have asked Anything ... ANYTHING ...  but I have wasted it all...

Her question opened my eyes. I began googling my mind...

It said after half an hour search - Sorry we found only one data -


:D :(

Friday, January 28, 2011

Is this the way with all women?

I saw my Mum,
Fighting in subdued voice
Crying silently,
Before stern papa,
Who rushed out
Without a caring word.
I have seen her like this
so many times.

Ma would ask God ,
Her Krishna ,
Give me peace!
And Happiness to my family!
Lord! Give my husband a long life.
She would confide in God
And talk to Him 
When nobody listened to her.
Nobody ever listened to her.

And Nobody I can find,
Who would listen to me either,
I will talk to God,
I will confide in Him,
I think I have learned all this
Before my time.

Are all men stones?
Is this the way with all women?

Movies! Movies! and Bingo! Splendid Movies! @ JIFF

What a luck I have. To be in Jaipur , at least in January , is a luck indeed. First , we had a pleasure to hear our eminent authors. And now we are having Jaipur International Film Festival. It was my dream to attend a film festival. Though I would say , the film festival is not as grand as literary fest , it is still in its infancy. Many movies were experimental and were the first effort by their directors. But it has one advantage. It inspires us that we can also do it. One director , Hemant Sharma , from Jaipur even told us how he made  his film with his two other friends and by using just a Digi Cam and editing software. He truly said , " One doesn't need many resources , if one wants to do it , one can do it anyway."

What about giving some notes about the movies I saw?  Here they follow -

MAMA HABIBITI (by Boutheyna Bouslama) - 

First Rate movie. Not because there was action , romance or a nice plot. There was nothing sort of this. The movie was kind of a diary. But the diary i.e. narrative was splendid. I felt I am reading an exquisite literature together with the nice scenery. I congratulate the director.

COCKROACH - (By Luke eve) - 

The finest animated movie I have ever seen. A guy on the wedding day dies , promises his fiance that he will come back and later finds himself as a Cockroach. He goes at the girl's house and does all crap like shouting as if she would hear him - Sarah here I am Charlie...And at the end dies by the hands of her own girl friend. Again her name on his lips and gives a flying kiss. Sweet Movie. :)

FEEL THE PUNCH - (by Kasi Meddi)

A nice Indian Joke turned into animated movie. Loved it too.

LIFE , LOVE , HOPE ( by Kiruthiga , M.sasikumar , Mysskin)

The Best Movie - among all I had seen today. Though they are three different movies directed by three different people , they are in chain , carrying same characters , same site but only themes are different. A small girl from HIV AIDS HOME saves someone's Life , spread the message of Love and gives her friend Hope.
This movie touched me deeply , so much that tears came into my eyes. Such a small girl and how does she teach everyone the values we have almost forgotten. It taught me that if Life is a vehicle , Love is its engine and Hope fuel. Without engine and fuel , this vehicle is dead - Life is as good as dead.

REFLECTIONS - (by Tarka Patil) 

Good movie. But could be made Better. It was her college project. I hope she will do her best in her next movies. :)

VENTO THE WIND - (by Marcio Salem)

I wont say anything about the movie . It was a bit complicated. And I didn't understand that doesn't mean it wasn't good. It was indeed. I can say because it had a wonderful quote , "Mumma , how does superman flies in the air?" , asks son. Mother replies, "I want to tell you one thing , where you dream to reach, you think you are already there."

A MisFortune - (by Hemant Sharma)

Jaipur's movie. The same director about which I was talking earlier. He did good job. Dialogs were poor and script was loose or rather say old bollywood types. But they effort was appreciable. The story was good. And well all the best for future. :)

YUDDH - (Jaya Jose Raj) - 

A 5 minute movie. But very well presented. Reminded me of Malgudi days type scenery. A lame muslim and blind hindu began fighting on a bridge railway track but both help each other as the train comes near and are saved at last.

Well this much for today. Tomorrow whole day we will be enjoying movies.
Ciao !

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Third Day @ Lit.Fest.

No I skipped Second day. So we come to the third day. But poor thing! I went for hardly 2 hours and I did nothing but took a few walks - up & down and round and round. No no I didn't go to the garden but Fest. But gosh! was it different from garden? Do people really come to listen (crap) authors? Na.. Yeah.. No but not always. Few sessions are so ridiculous that you feel you are wasting your time , you go out , and just hang around and meet your long-lost friends. The one which I attended was - umm... well let me tell you other way round.

We were sitting in the Baithak - the less crowded place. Well it doesn't matter , we stopped before every hall and all were same - aloof from general interests. But the one we attended - it was readings from some novel. Two ladies were sitting on the stage in conversation with a girl. A boy who was sitting next to me asked if I know who were they and I looked at him , don't know what to say , I just said - Don't ask me. I was embarrassed for a moment. But then I realized only 10 percent of people sitting there actually know all about the "less known" authors and their novels. One lady after the session asks another what is the name of the novel , they were talking about. So that was a consolation. But truly speaking , the session was ugly and vulgar. Yes , they are proper words , if not for the author , at least for the novel. You would have agreed with me if you were there , listening to the paragraphs of the novel - porn talks among ladies of the age of our grandma.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Literary Festival - A funny memory !

So it was again Literary Festival. It was again the hypocrite people talking hush-hush, showin off their jewelry and latest fashion, school students kidding around passing their time, lecturers walking up and around full of vigor as if they lived for this moment, volunteers seemed more proud than the celebrities and celebrities alert in not showing off their celebritiness.Whatever. Everything was as usual. I felt that sensation again. I was not envy (perhaps I was) I was more bored this time.

Well First day I attended only one session that is of Gulzar ji and Pavan Verma ; Indian Ambassador of Bhutan and translator. Gulzar ji recited his beautiful nazms and Pavan ji translated them in English. I would tell you , one could not make out which was original. Translation was really beautiful. I have recorded few nazms. I like this session of reading poetry more than anything in festival. I have got collection of good recordings from last time and this time. I have Javed Akhtar , Prasoon Joshi and now Gulzar sir's recordings. :)

Well I am not here to tell you these things. Of course these are important but there was something more funny and cute. Yeah! cute ... few students were sitting behind us while waiting for Gulzar sir to turn up. They were talking crap. The guy reminded gals to ask questions after the sessions (probably their teachers have told them to ask , as it is always a custom after every sessions) So the guy said - You each have to ask one question to sir, okay. First you ask - "Kya aap colgate karte hain.." Then you ask . " Melody itni chocolaty kyun hoti hai.." ... We just couldn't help laughing after he said this. And still whenever I recall this incident I burst into laughter. Kids are kids... beautiful , joyful , careless and what is more precious is that they enjoy each moment without hypocrisy and self-consciousness. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

on sad notes...

I can certainly think more better when I keep staring at the open window of my Blogger. I can think of my life and how I would like to present it (not only before everyone but even to myself) . I amuse myself thinking of my present in the terms of poetry or fiction. Its a relief .

 I am presently reading Anna Karenina by Tolstoy. Its more than nine hundred pages and I am hardly over one thirty page. But I am in love with this novel. Not because it has something very interesting and it speaks my thoughts but perhaps because I had prepared myself to love it. Yes, it is it. I love her name Anna Karenina - what a beauty and rhyme it has. Suggesting that Madame Anna Karenina is a lady so lovely and beautiful. But I will say one can't attach innocence always with loveliness , and not a least with beauty. Loveliness of a girl somewhere carries something devilish with it. Anna Karenina is a perfect example.

I will talk of this novel later at length. Here I am with a different mood. One which has no name , no characteristic either. I will turn to fiction if  I will be able to write anything I will come again or I will say Good-bye now.

Salsa Spirit

Ah! I am in Salsa Spirit ... not again! But I just can't help it . I have to admit I have been in this situation many times before and I am again .. but "afsos" without a partner.

Gosh... hear that song? Behke behke nain ... from Aisha? Check it out please -

Its goddamn amazing. I want to choreograph it. All I need is one partner. Lets consider some people around me. My brother? He is amazing. Even a good dancer. In fact he can lift me up very well. But the problem is - Passion . Salsa always requires burning passion from both partners and gosh he is just a teenage. And apart from that he is lil impatient when it comes to dance and arts. 

Then... then what! I have no one except my bro :(
All friends are lost cause. All scattered on the planet leaving me here alone. Alone. And when I need them most. I need a partner :(

I think I will have to organize an audition at my hometown. I might catch him. My first crush . My classmate. I miss him so much. He is a great dancer. In fact once he taught me few steps of dance. And we both were going to perform on our annual day function but ... 

well whatever ! Partner or no partner . I will choreograph this song anyway. Its now my project. Lets see how do I make it. :) All the best to myself :)



Monday, January 17, 2011

Did I tell you?

Did I tell you I am going home on one year official break from studies? And that I miss home so much. I miss food , tv , brother , cooking , meditating , reading , walking on terrace , welcome (certain) guests and so on...

But I have postponed it for another one or two years. :)

I am going to search a job and not because I am so much serious about my career . God ! I am crazy to live my life probably i will be dying soon ( ah! just an excuse - the heart always needs one) ... Want to live life with my sister coz probably I may never get this Golden Chance :)

I want to learn - 
1.) Ball room dance          (Craze from movie- Shall We Dance)
2.) Piano                          ( Craze from novel - The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks)
3.) Accent
4.) Fluency in English
5.) The art of living
6.) Being Myself
7.) Learning the secrets of relationships and how to maintain them
8.) Learn to listen the whisper of God
9.) Learn to bear responsibilities more efficiently
10.) to Sew
11.) to cook more 'lip-smacking' dishes :P
12.) Have faith on dreams
13.) that Being happy is an art

I want to read - 
1.) Tolstoy            ( Anna Karenina is on the rack)
2.) Kafka
3.) Hindi Literature
4.) Russian Literature
5.) Both contemporary and classical

And most importantly , I want to know how it feels being independent at least in the matters of money. I want to feel my age. That I am really able to deal with things around me. That I am big now. And still keep the little doll in me safe . Safe.

Goodmorning :)


The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

From my another blog -

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Date ? Huh!

I had a date today. With two of them. I dunno which turned out better. I guess both are kewl :P
But lemme finish with this one - The Last Song by Nicholas Spark then I will be able to judge better. In the morning , The Catcher in the Rye was appealing , dunno why , may be coz of its urbane slangy swearing language , or may be because there was there beneath it a sad truth about us all... about us depressed ones ... well will discuss it later. But here I want to tell one thing - the whole day was terrific. Novels are certainly better dates ... they can drive you crazy enough... I had been reading whole day. I enjoyed it... will resume after shutting this sweet one ... but I was chuckling on this joke while dish-washing...

soon my money will get over... oopzz i mean novels will get over and I would be needing more so I was just crazy about thinking this , I would call up dad and he would say.. wadya need money for? and I would say ... dad I need to buy books... (he has a terrific lawyer mind , so he might doubt on my words)  he would grunt and though he would never refuse for such a holy reason , he might make some excuse like give your exams first ... dont read other stuff.. n blah blah... and I would tell him straight forwardly - Dad you should be happy I am not spending your goddamn money on any bf or as such ... I am just reading to stay away from all that .. do you mind giving me money now? ... Ha! he would give his whole treasure rather than letting me spoil his Reputation. That's there! I knew its a pretty poor joke. But I kinda felt sharing it... can't help buddy... aftereffects of Catcher in the Rye... ;)

I m gonna flunk this time with this kinda lang I m sure but I wont mind ... I seem not minding any goddamn stupid serious thing on this earth for now.. I am pretty kool .. the rarest moods of mine... but i wanna tell you one thing ... if you look... if you just look out of your shabby dark closet .. the sunshine isn't far. And I mean it.

Love you!

Friday, January 14, 2011

I am caught ...

I am caught in a vicious circle.

There is love
then comes
the evil conscience
and with it
the question of fidelity ...
It makes me sick
when I cant tell you
what's going in my heart
It is murderous
It is suicidal
It is dying without wanting to die
And so I want to withdraw
And I am forced to tell you
that I don't deserve love
(When I really do)
But  - is it because
I am a woman
I have to give the test?
I have to prove I can love one?
To be loved in return?
I don't want anything
Just one promise -
Don't judge me ...
(You don't know me)
(And you shall never know me
if you don't open the clutches...)

I am free ...

How do you feel when you don't deserve but you know , you are still loved ?

Sarah left the town early morning. She is going back to her obscure hometown. She would change the sim , yes , it is the first thing she will do as she reaches over there. She would stop writing , or at least publishing on her blogs. She would... she would just  live an obscure life... away from her complicated past. She would try to forgive herself. Forgive? for what? What has she done? She never hurt anybody intentionally. She just wanted to be happy. Is it bad to seek happiness ?  Is it evil? ... Sarah takes a deep breath , closes her eyes , and tries to relax herself. A whole day journey ! Sarah looks out of the windows and chant slowly - everything will be fine... sooner or later ... everything will be fine... (but we perished each alone...) no everything will be fine... yes it would be ... it has to be ... ( but I beneath a rougher sea) ... no no no... I have to keep my mind clear...
Its a revenge. I am loved. But I know I don't deserve it . I shall be gone. They can't find me. I will go away. Go away. From everyone's life. They deserve peace. I shall die. I am just... always broken and hopeless...they want and they know what I can give them but they won't give it to me... Sleep... So I must now... Sleep...

Sarah woke up. Her parents had come to take her to home. She looked all around in bewilderment. Where she was? How long she slept in the bus? But it was not a bus. She was in the hospital . She didn't know what happened. But she was happy to see her parents. She felt safe and secure. As she was becoming familiar with this unfamiliar feelings... she felt more happy ... she felt as if she has been watching a bad dream ... as if she was in a mental hospital ... as if she had tried to commit suicide... but her parents didn't scold her... didn't ask anything... they were happy with tears in their eyes... they hugged and kissed their daughter as if she has come back from the hell itself... their watery eyes were telling her ... everything will be fine...

Once again she felt she didn't deserve but still... she was loved .

Monday, January 10, 2011

a sorry letter

I know I have said those things which I shouldn't. But after I said them I couldn't rest even for a second. After you said Good-bye , I thought I will be Okay but I couldn't be. I waited for your Mid-night Miss calls. There was none. And since then you are on my mind. Its irresistible. Shall I be happy? Should I think its love? I don't know if it is. But I would sincerely like to think that it is. 
I remember those lyrics - Nobody said it was easy , no one ever said it would be so hard ... 
J___ .

Sunday, January 9, 2011

One liners (hope they r nt too pathetic. ) :P

I don't hate cold wind because I know in Summers I had liked it. 

You were sad and I held your hand to take it away from you. I act like an angel sometimes. 

Love is so powerful. It can kill itself.

I have all Strange relationships with Strangers who call themselves my Friends.

I am sleeping . Its the time for afternoon wake-up. 

Friday, January 7, 2011


What I want? .... I want to have short term memory loss disease so that I love one day and forget that I did , next day.

I sat to write a love letter. All I wrote is - Beloved! the feeling won't last long so I must say it now - I love you.

"I have ruined my life. God please take it away. I am not worth it." I shouted in void. Later that night God came in my dream and said in a fatherly voice , "Dear Child! how you would have learnt to ride a bicycle if your father had taken it away from you after two-three accidents."

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

(can you suggest me a title for this story?)

So Meg , where were you last summers?
I was finding a job , I suppose.
So... didn't you go anywhere.. I mean .. out?
Oh yeah ... I did. I went to Laddakh...
So with whom did you go?
Vandy , I know that you know everything then what you want to know from me?
With whom did you Go... Meg?
I went with Vish , he was my .. my net friend.
I know him... have heard a lot about him.
So... I want to ask you ... why are you marrying my brother?
what ?
I said ... why are you marrying my brother when you love someone else.  
Oh for god's sake ! I don’t love Vish .. he is .. he is just a friend.
Oh.. really! You went on a trip with your friend... Alone... so how close you have been to him... hmm..
"Enough Vandy !" , interrupted Rajveer ; I love to call him RV , he looked into the eyes of his sister with anger mixed love , he again said with more mild tone , "Please ! Don’t... don’t pester her anymore... would you mind leaving us alone for sometime Vandy ?"
Vandy gave me a hateful look and went away. But before leaving she whispered something and I guess she said “Marriage is not a funny thing.”
I heard RV taking a deep breath. He held my hand , I dared to look into his eyes but then looked away. He patted my hand... I have begun to understand his sign language... I replied it by holding his hand more tightly.

The night folded its stars. Sunbeams have erased the sign of darkness from the sky. Everything looked fine again. " ah...panoramic view..." ... "Yeah! and you say this every morning..." Vandy retorted back on what I had said to myself. But I had learned to tolerate Vandy's comments. I looked away. I know she doesn't hate me . She just too much loves her brother... "sometimes I think you are marrying my brother for this..." , "for what?", "for this ... panoramic view.." , "Oh Vandy ! not again please ... get ready fast, I'll drop you at your office." , RV again saved me... I am afraid he takes my side too much. He wished me morning and kissed me , when Vandy was out of sight. I faintly smiled. He understood and begun talking about daily stuff , talking about all crap. This made me really smile. He smiled back and ... soon they both had left me alone.

God knows for how much time I was sitting like a dumb , thinking about nothing but watching the beauty of this heavenly place. Vandy didn't know , she was right to some extent , I gave my consent to marry RV , only after seeing his home surrounded by beauty and peace. I smiled while thinking this. No , but this is not the only reason ... we both ... had begun to understand each other's signs. And ... I know... Rajveer really loves me.

 ***                                                      ***                                                      ***

"Its our third anniversary and I want you to know Meg that ..."
A deadly silence followed RV's words ... he looked very serious... I could bear no more and I suppose my face gave this 'so fearful' expression that my husband broke into a hearty laugh. He continued , "Meg ... I ...I love you more and more as each day pass... you have given me so much Meg .. I knew I was right and Vandy was wrong... she used to think that ... that you are a wrong person for me... but you had been a lovely wife to me Meg... thank you .. thank you so much.." Rajveer kissed me and lifted me in his arms... took me to bed. I was not prepared for this… I wanted to talk… he put off the lights and lighted some fragrant candles … something inside me was shouting No No… and I felt time has stopped ... and I could hear nothing.. I could feel nothing... and... I was far away ... on some island ... again i was a kid ... playing with shells and sand... running ... running wildly... i heard mixed voices ... mom calling for breakfast... Di giggling ... bro begging to play with him... i looked up the sky was getting darker... i saw far .. far off ... there was campfire... i heard merry voices of strangers... i went nearer ... i saw someone sitting in the corner in the shadow... i heard him playing the guitar ... I heard the song ... i saw those black eyes... 
"Meg... meg... wake up... I am getting late...  prepare tea for me... Meg! " , "Raaaj... ! "  I tried to open my eyes... "Meg ! be fast please... I am going to take bath okay." I closed my eyes tightly , trying to recall last night... and when I opened my eyes I saw Rajveer's head popping out of the bathroom door , he said , " Meg thanks for the last night , it was better than 31st December night... " He shut the door. I slowly gathered   my scattered clothes.

***                                                                   ***                                                              ***

Most married couple lose the charm after five-six years of marriage. They lose their happiness and they think its because they have lost their love. But its not true in most cases. Love ,  in a  marriage , is always based on mutual understanding than passionate feelings of youth. And mutual understanding , in a marriage , is sometimes more than understanding each other's signs . Communicating your feelings is equally important. The reason most marriages break ...

 "Meg ! " I saw Rajveer standing behind me. I closed the magazine and asked for tea. "Yes ! I badly need the tea ... I'm soooo tired..." saying this he went upstairs ,  I said to myself , "and I'm sooo bugged... whole day sitting at home and reading these pathetic magazines " I shouted “Tea!” and Raj came down in his pyjamas. I funnily thought why doesn't he wear t-shirts at home... why God gave all advantages to the boys only?...  My eyes accidentally met Raj's and... I looked away ...
"Is anything troubling you Meg?"
"There's not even the traffic noise that can trouble me Raj." I curtly replied. A minute later I realized I don’t usually answer this way. I pondered... perhaps its the after effects of that funny women magazine ... I stealthily glanced at Raj . He was amused at my reply.
"How about a long drive down to the lake ?"
"Aw...aww.. what.. I mean when?"
"Right now?"

"But... but RV you are tired ... I think you should sleep early tonight." I stood up , took his cup from his hand and as I turned to go to the kitchen he took hold of my hand and made me sit on his lap. He was fingering my hairs and neck ... he looked into my eyes... I shut them tightly . He pressed my head down to his mouth.... put my lips on his lips... then slowly whispered in my ears... meg... meg... you know i am too busy making money... money for us.. for our children.. but while making money... i don’t want to lose you...lose your love or at least your care... in protest i tried to speak but he silenced  me with his thumb ... he continued ... meg... i want you to ask me for anything you want ... i want you to tell me anything crap ... gossips… or your fighting with neighbours ... about your petty  household problems that you daily face ... raising price or that gas finished and how you managed... or the stories you read in magazines... anything meg anything ... when i smiled faintly looking at him adorably ... he pinched my ears and I said "ouch!" we kissed . He laid me down on the sofa and came on top of me... and hushed my "ahh.. no... please... RV... "  hey... Meg... don’t please don’t go away from me... you can … you can beat me if you like... ask me gifts... ask me anything but please shed away your silence... you know it will eat up our lives. I nodded... he smiled and kissed on  my forehead and said "Good Girl." He lifted me in his arms and took me to bedroom ... when he laid me down on the bed ... I shouted "Raaaj ...!" , "What?" he looked puzzled. "Long drive ??" "Oh... sorry my bad!.” He gave a big “sorry” smile and said, “lets get ready."

After one hour , we both were eating ice-creams , sitting on the lakeside , my head on his shoulder and watching our reflections in the lake water… the evening didn't depress me today. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

thanks 9460****** !!!

My New Year gift !!! :)

Around 30th I went to recharge my cell and next day I came to know that I have recharged someone else's mobile by mistake ... and it was just a mistake of one number that's 0 instead of 1. :P

I was already short of money (my whim, I always feel I am) and I was not in the mood to invest 100 bucks more on it and I was very angry ...

Whole day I strolled in the mall with my sis and frnd . Suddenly I felt the need to express my anger and thought of one thing. I messaged 9460******(rest my no.) and said I mistakenly recharged your num. and its a new year gift from me. Happy new year mr. xyz (I didnt want to think that it will be a girl so i assumed as i like that its a guy only) !

He didn't reply. But I was contended .I did what I wanted to. My anger was released.

Next day I got a message. My account was recharged with 100 bucks. I was shocked. I messaged and asked did u recharge? And he messaged me back saying - yes I did because you did mine. Btw Happy  New Year xyz...  (That time I so much wished he would have made a sign of smile... or would have asked my identity ... ahh.. gals are like this only I cant help it ! ) ...

So , this was my new year gift and i m so happy i did what my heart said . And guess what , i thought its a good interesting beginning of new year :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year Movie : go for Benhar

A pretty old movie of three and half hours !

We just wanted to pass the time and thought there is no harm watching a boring movie , as we thought it would be , than doing nothing at all. So we watched and not a single minute we felt anywhere that its boring .In fact we liked it more than contemporary comedy movies.  I suppose if you will google for it , you might not even get it , its this much old.

Its a christian movie. But its much more than just  that. Its about the belief in Miracles , belief in God's ways , belief in one self. It teaches Christ's message of love and forgiveness . And it unfailingly reminds of Gandhi ji. 
No matter what love and forgiveness wins and they are the power of real courage and not the revenge and hatred. This reminds me of one of Atticus' teachings to his children in To Kill A Mocking Bird , that avoid with your head up and walk on if someone teases you but don't fight with them . He says they are your friends though sometimes they may be wrong but it doesn't mean that they are bad. And this echoes Jesus Christ's last words when he was crucified - God forgive them , they don't know what they are doing. The movie ends with this thought - provoking lines ... 

Why! wouldn't it be relevant today if you wanna adopt this attitude? --- I said Attitude ! Think about it ! :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Shall we dance?

I shall go for awhile
To dream about a dream
I'll paint those pictures
Of  hustle bustle of a family
I'll paint them with rainbow colors
Not excluding the Black one.

I'll gather sticks
And build a palace on a heap of sand
I'll place my dolls in it
I'll watch the wind to take it all away.

 I shall go for awhile
To dream about a dream
I'll go at the window sill
I'll watch the sun go down
And the sky to turn pale and brown

Its yet not the time to worry
The year is there before us
Lets make a chocolate cake of it
We have a reason …
Reason to celebrate ... 

Don't ! Please dont say
that its just another day.
And neva miss the chance  …
When a lil gal is with you , asking
Shall we dance ?

So Shall we dance ? :)

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