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A Lie

"Are you husband and wife?" asked the hotel receptionist. "Yes." He replied giving a winning look to his wife. That look she hated most. That attitude she despised, of having been owned by someone. She would have been proud of his feelings, had it been for some another day, another time, another state of things. But... "so... Did you like the room?" "Yes. Its nice." "I am going out for tea, would you want some?" "No, I will take some rest." She forced a smile.The relief of being alone was utmost. She looked out of the window and found the sun still hanging at horizon. It was a picturesque scene. She felt like being in a movie, her chaotic mind and serene nature stood in contrast with each other. She wanted to but couldn't appreciate nature's beauty at present. She felt a little away from what was in front of her. Everything. Why did he say that? Why would he say, "I trust you. And will always do." Even thoug…


Wasn't he you who became my darkness?
Wasn't he you who brought a new dawn to me?
 Wasn't he you who was a barren land of my heart? Wasn't he you who sown fruits of inspiration in me?
Was't he you who witnessed my sins? Was't he you who was with me all through?
Wasn't he you who was my stark loneliness? Wasn't he you who became Love like a bliss in my heart?


I dont regret anything in my life.
I dont regret even meeting you.
Rather, i would have regretted more
If i had not experienced this bliss with you.

S. J. - A Period

Does destiny bring you to a period? Or Can a period change the course of your destiny?She thought her head will explode with tons of thoughts that weighed her down to lunacy. Being at times so restless she would tell him, "I m not feeling good, i m so restless, I am so upset..." N so n so but she didn't tell him, she was afraid she knew it was wrong. She was afraid to lose this happiness and surprising love. That she felt a distance from her Krishna. That she was in unknown unspoken fear all the time. That day (ikadashi) she had asked Krishna to take the course of her life in His hands. Before next day, He had done so. After that night, she woke up a new person. She had chosen a path of " austerity and penance." She chose silence over fights. Peace over love. Stupor over life. There left only one purpose to live : Pass this lifetime in Krishna consciousness and fulfill the duties assigned by Him. But will you wait at the end?
But will you remain like the most s…

My fears

Love and longing


The Fact

My reader

During my college days, surfing and smelling the old books, in the huge library, I would want to discover a forgotten writer and enjoy the freedom to fall in love with him /her. And when I began to write, I wondered, fancied, someday somebody would discover my forgotten work and secretly would fall in love with me.Weird dreams find strangest ways to get fulfilled.  With time my fancy turned into a crazy dream. As I maintained this blog, I secretly wished to have a reader, who someday discovers my words and falls in love with me....And they say, " kisichiz ko shiddatsechaaho to puri kaaynat use aapsemilaane me lag jatihai." P. S. - I am lucky to have you, my reader.

My Blind Date with Unexpected

The journey of love takes you to the unexpected, always. Because it gives you courage to  overcome your fears and fly over trivial weaknesses of your mind, body and soul. Love takes you to the unknown depths of your soul, shows a mirror to your deepest emotions and calls on to a flight higher than your expectations.
P. S.  - With you, I have been to many places, I have never been before. With you, I have loved myself, as I have never done before. With you, I am myself, I hope you too. I love you.

With you
You take me to the places
No one has taken me before
To the strangest architecture
Of myths around the world
To the deeper and deeper
Meanings of words and thoughts
shared between us
To the myriad creations
Of unusual exceptional artists
To the thrilling flavors n aromas
Of beauties of entire world
To the pricks and cramps
Of love and longing
To the high tide oceans
Of desires never fulfilled ... And
I am awed to see how
varied signs appear and inter- play
To form a fresh…