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One moment she looked at ivory clouds , other moment at real road on which they were walking  ...

what does she want ?? No , the right question is - how come she is caught between them ? How .... ???

test post ;)

Woww... after a long long time i m on blogger... :) Thanks to a friend who handled it for a while on my behalf as he would post here whatever I sent him through mail :) ....
Well , i dont have anything special to write about.
I m happy coz I am back in my old lovely Pink City... :) its loveliiiiiii
Will write soon....
Take care........


I didn’t know I was lonely

One by one
The pages turned

And I saw those dreams…
My childhood Dreams…

Once I watched those dreams alone
And Sung them to me

I didn’t know I was lonely
Until I met U

You promised you will fulfill them
Fill in the blanks and fit them for me

I didn’t know I was lonely
I thought I could do it all alone

You gave me your hand like others did
How could I know you were perfect for me

I didn’t know I was lonely
I thought I was an angel and I don’t need anyone.

When darkness was spread around
As a light I found u in me

I didn’t know I was lonely
I thought I had enough light in me

But when I think of those lessons which I learnt
And the light which u burnt inside me

I know now once I was lonely
And I wanted a friend to be with me…

One by One the pages turned
And now I know I can fulfill those dreams

When you are with me
Because I am