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That day ... I was made to believe

That day... I let it be, and decided to believe that Fate is a powerful thing, and we can not always choose what do we want.

That day ... I  was made to believe, God does what is best for us.

* This post is written for IndiSpire prompt -Write one liner, fiction, poetry or experience starting with "That day..."#ThatDay


There should be at least one person in your life whom you could tell anything odd-even, truth-lie, fancy, fantasy just Anything.

Look Inside and find what Happiness is

IndiSpire Topic - What does happiness mean to you? Do you go looking for happiness?#Happiness

Look everything around for what makes you happy

Look back and know the moments that made you happy

Look Inside and find what Happiness is 

To me it is 

A gloomy-red sunset
A cup of ginger tea
A passionate novel !

Drizzling rains
Scooty long drives
A day-time movie in Hall !

To have a soulful talk
And spend time with loved one...

Happiness to me is an Attitude, you can wear it daily, and good if you do.

And truly, I don't go looking for it, because I believe its not a Thing placed Outside, it is something you Create. That is why, some people choose to be Happy regardless of any obstacle and problems. 

What happiness is for you - 

Reply in one word, a sentence, a couplet or in a few lines. Based on memory or fiction, whatever , but plunge in Happiness and you would just love it.

Sanyaa - One line fiction

Sanyaa said stiffly , Silence ! Sun sinks, sympathetically.

#IndiSpire topic : Write a post in which all words start with 'S'