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what's on her mind : S.J.

She walked that night silently till the Shade from where she could see the reflection of moon in the water.
The water looked purple. Moon light reflected in it but the whole picture wasn't as she imagined it would be. Ah..does it ever like that, She thought. It was quiet. But she wasn't alone. Lots of candles were floating in the water. It was not dark like always. She wondered... what has happened to her. Why she is... how could she take it all so lightly... She now turned left and looked at the reflection of lamp lights in water. It is always so easy not to fight with your heart... just let things be...let things happen...but would then, let it go be as easy?
Disinterest. Indifferent. Thoughtless. Nothingness...a dying wish...a dying desire...

and if you ask her what's on her mind
she will tell you - just go away quietly (as quietly as you came in) ,
I am afraid... I am ...i won't be able to make it...

The door left ajar.

what's on my mind right now

Okay. If you ask me what's on my mind right now.
I will tell you, I am thinking about

Shopping :P

This TLC - What Not To Wear India (with Soha Ali Khan) has definitely made up my mind for bringing a drastic change in my Style. Thank you TLC ;)

And yes, I am ready to Experiment with clothes. Actually, I am dying to do that...

Check out this -


P.S. - When would I begin to live life, God! :O  
Life! get me out of here! 


" You believe, its me?"

"Yes I believe its you."


"... Of late I have come to know,
the many ways 
of bearing the pain


It happens with some witches. They leave their dark rooms to see the light. Not because they dont love their darks anymore, they just fall in love with the light.

Witches? About whom you are talking about Grand dad? 

Oh.. none... just a girl I met manyeee...years Ago.

A girl? Was she your girl friend?

Haha.. no ... she was not that type. No one could bound her in any relation what so ever. She was her own Princess... would only follow the voice of her heart ...

...and... did you love her? not the love. Perhaps it was something else. ...she scared me sometimes... she was so powerful...

Grand dad tell us more about her please. Did she look beautiful? Did she have long hairs like Rapunzel? Did she have some magical powers? Tell us please...

Wait..... I told you. She was a witch. A beautiful witch. And yes she had powers. She could tell... what is in your heart...she could see your dark side. 
She lived in the town. Near my house. But once in every month she would visit a cave in the mo…


V - "...but you told me..."

J -  " yes... I did. Because I can lay bare my heart to you. I am not afraid, what you would think, perhaps all I care about is... always, forever, we would find something to admire about in each other..."