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A thing beyond forever

The books are damn , dull and thick,
But I got no promises to keep,
So I'll lie down and go to sleep,
So I'll lie down and go to sleep.

I liked this parody of famous lines by Frost. It is taken from the novel - A thing beyond forever. You won't believe from few days I was getting so bore firstly, because we have exams after 25 days and secondly I have not stepped out of my campus since jan. and I haven't even seen any movie except - Luck by Chance. So I just thought I would read some good novel and feel fresh but unfortunately I got this novel and I actually didn't feel like reading any love-story that to following the traditin of Chetan bhagat. Well so I got this novel but inspite of reading it I started turning pages and then I got this sweet and appropriate parody on people like US ;)
Well , friends please suggest me some good affordable novel which I can read before exams and feel FRESH .............................. :)
Thank yaaaa!!!!!!

Do chehre

Har ek guzarte saal ke saath
ek khas taarikh bhi guzar jaati hai
meri umra ka ek saal ghat jaati hai
ya yun kaho meri umra badh jaati hai

Jab tatolti hoon beeta saal
Toh kuch haath nahin aata
Phir usi udaasi se mil jaati hoon
jo naye saal mein bhi cha jaati hai

Mujhey kisi ki yaad bahut aati hai
Vo koi paraya nahin mera hi dusra chehra hai
Jo bhara-pura gora aur gehra hai
Aankho mein purey hue sapno ki chamak hai
Aur hothon per muskan lambi hai

Us lambi muskan aur chamakti aankhon se
mujhe mera sapna yaad aa jaata hai
Kyon rakhon mein do chehre apne
Ek jo hai aur ek jo ban nahin paya
Kyon na inh…