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Harassed. frustrated. bored. Tired. The two brothers left home after a usual homely fight. They planned a short vacation. They looked out for nearby places on internet. They thought about an estimate. They gathered courage to think about going out of the town. The fight was forgotten. They were home. Next day, they were back to work.

The woman who sat by the door

There was nothing left to do. Tea was made. Dishes were washed. She had taken a bath. Since she had fast today, she did not have to cook food before late afternoon. She came out in every two minutes to see if women have arrived at the temple to worship Dasha maa and lord Shiva. But there were hardly four - five elderly women around five in the morning.
"Aah! they all wake up late these days. Earlier, there used to be a long queue at this hour," she muttered to herself. Today was a big day for women of this particular region of Rajasthan. Dasha mata was celebrated for the betterment of the condition of households. Women observe fast, worship Dasha Maa and pray for the better days to come. By seven in the morning, women begun to arrive at the temple. Dammu bai had begun to snore while sitting at the ajar gate of her little one room and kitchen house. With an intuitive jerk, she opened her eyes to see a huge crowd of women struggling hard to worship first. She got happy like a…

Dear friend

I am really tired of attempting to write a story. I wanted to write about you because this is the way we talk, isn't it? I thought of letting you know that I keep thinking about you. Then, I chose to stay quiet. A lot of things find meaning in silence, only if you are eager to listen. So, yes, I tried to write a very silly fiction in the form of letter. I thought instead of addressing it to you, I would address it to a friend. Although, you were also a friend. Here I attach the incomplete fiction. I think, it wasn't even worth sharing. But you know, I could never even throw a worst line without showing it to you. I wish only once I could tell you (even in fiction) what you are to me. Goodbye.
--- A Fictional Letter
(Flash-fiction) Dear friend, I know you do not expect a letter from me, now when you have estranged yourself from everyone in our group. But I had to write you. I have been thinking about you lately and that how life has cheated on you badly. I know you are v…

Two truths and a lie

"Of all the truths in the world, I regret one, that I can't own you."
"... how can you think of owning me, Abhay? I am not someone to be owned."
"... offo... why do you mind words. All I want is to have you in my life."
" Why do I mind words, because they tell more truth about people than they propagate themselves. "
... Most conversations fade into fluorescent light of their mobiles during midnight. Perhaps they never meant to be a part of this universe. And it all happens because ... whenever she begins to think of truths and lies she lands upon a myriad combinations of magical words, which better know how to hide both under its glamorous veil. ... After so many broken conversations, one day she got to know that Abhay has been promoted and leaving India in a couple of months. The fact about a distance relationship is you are never sure whether the distance would diminish or the relationship. But she knew a few things in life are beyo…


At the same time, in different cities, they were thinking about each other. He wished, she was in Florida with him. Spring was prismic in Florida and Fall had surprising cathartic effect. He missed her so much. He would often think about her when, walking over the autumn leaves they crackle under the feet. He knew if she had been with him, every single moment would have become a poetry. Every scene would have been scintillating. Every flower of his garden would bear a name. While she, in India, wondered what he must be doing with all the colors of Spring. And that, what Summer has lost this year in India. It is quiet and usual afternoon when windows are drowsy and curtains refuse to tell the secrets. When no one is awake in the house, she goes on the terrace and draws a picture of spring in her mind. The cool breeze kisses her bosom. The color begins to fill her heart with love. With a sudden drift, the coarse hands of Summer, gripped her tight, they made her crave. And she forgot a…