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I dunno why, amidst all this uncertainty, I am still happy... :) Ty Anon!

Love for Anonymous

Just by chance, I landed on a beautiful blog and there ... 
Blogger - Always so much love on this blog best filllowrs ever :))) love you too!!’
P.S. - I apologize to use this conversation here, but I just couldn't help after reading numerous comments by Anonymous. He is... cute :) reminiscent of... my anonymous :)

just three letters

All I see about me is just three letters :


A Curse

I could just speak to myself ! For, even they gaze me with a Blankness They do not hear
Me ; I heard I was a curse.

Above -
The basket of glimmering pearls
That twinkles to tell me
Its true - the angel hurls.
The angels ! oh !
Was I ever a believer?

It would be even worse
Not to believe
in your existence I doubt
But truly, I suffer more
When I doubt.
So be it-  I accept I am a curse
And suffer in my 'embraced doubt'
For the pain is love
the loss, pain...
And wait is eternal - 
Who teaches a lot..


They think
I sacrificed 'They are too naive' I think.
Or I am too naive in thinking that? 
An angel appeared last night in my dream and asked , " why you roam alone in this land of love where's love is all and an end?"
I, out of my wits tossed and turned in my bed just as I was about to make a wish The angel disappeared.

A moment of Life, for its own sake...

" Are you still with some fears? " I couldn't ask helping myself today. I looked into the mirror that had a little cute plate dangling to it - My World. I am changed... those eyes... those front little freaks of hairs... I am much changed.. or may be its just an Illusion. I read her words - each letter expressed the Fear - of  loneliness, of deceit , of a new beginning. I could feel an affinity to those words - affinity that's past. Again, I looked into the mirror and found myself saying - I am changed. Or may be its just for the present. I was without fear. What's not there - is meant to be not there. Its simple. And expecting something to be there - so that it would kill my fears - is nothing but a bad idea to kill that fear. To bring the light, you don't do something with the darkness, you do something with the light. 

A blessing is the moment when you have Nothing to lose, No expectation to gain, and yet you are happy within. A pearly happiness that shin…

Long moments

There are some most beautiful moments
when in the emptiness of things around me,
I want to flirt with myself.
I know I have chosen it
to coax me, to make myself do the things,
I would not like to do otherwise.

There are some most beautiful moments 
when I do things
and I know I want to do it.
I can keep doing it again and again,
until I am tired, like a moth
circling around its own prize,
and decide not to do it anymore.

there comes some long moments of brief silence.


For a long time they remained Silent.
He glanced at her and knew. She was not there.
With her gaze, fixed at Nowhere, she had moved miles. She had transcended.