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Nobody cares...

Some years ago The young mother died They said - she died during Her third abortion in sixth months.
Little , frail thing, She died insignificantly, Leaving her shadow behind In her young daughter  With dupatta and red bangles in her hands.
The father married again (for money) And triumphantly got a son too -  too ill to survive (They live death , the death she died.)
And the young girl plays And laughs and her laugh echoes Nobody cares ,nobody chides.

Near the End : I , We and The Dying Man

I dont know I should write it or no.And I dont know whether I will be to able to convey my emotions honestly and objectively. But all I know is, that I need to write it. I just read Shannon Hayes's article "Saying goodbye : What do we teach kids about death ? ", which begins with the words - "My grandfather is dying." And I felt goose bump in my stomach. My grandfather is also dying. But unlike her , I am far away from him. Unlike her , I don't feel much for him. Unlike her , I don't feel it... feel it deeply.Perhaps it is because I am five hundred miles away from him or I am not sure , if I would have felt same , were I near  him at his bedside. Perhaps , it doesn't move me because he is old and I want his sufferings to end. Or perhaps it is just a poor ingenuine excuse. I feel ashamed and at the same time I know number of my relatives who come to visit him daily , feel the same thing , perhaps more cruelly than me. 
In her article , Shannon Hayes s…

Little Devil

What crap was that ? lolz.

Examination room. tensed. As soon as saw the paper a bit relaxed. Speed was slow yet knew would easily complete the paper. Last one question and last one hour. And though needed concentration , mind was roaming behind the young boy like a tail.Wait I am talking about a little kid , not so little of course but cute kid. Ten-eleven year old , fat , black and with green or perhaps red color glares. Wooo and what the kid was doing in the examination hall - roaming around and checking on students if anyone is daring to cheat in his presence. lolz. I was totally amused. And more when he was coming towards me.

He peeped into my answer sheet , I looked at his face - that was All Smiling Me. I must be looking like a fool as that kid sarcastically said - hanso mat , paper do ... I said - I have enough time. Suddenly he went to his mother and few seconds later came back to me and said - its 5 o clock. I said - I know that. (perhaps he thought I was asking time from him…

True Marriage

Long  long days  creepy , sleepy, dusty, windy, chocolaty days, With chocolate blending love nuts in it ; secretly tip toe behind dusk ,  Incarnated  in the blessed couple Who walk on terrace talk ceaselessly , Seem Contented , with distance between , Two souls meet somewhere in them. Then I fly I shy I envy I feel tickle  And love for them for it is a True Marriage. Yes it is a True Marriage.

The Dream

It was a dream. Not an ordinary one. Hmm.. The one like Anna had seen. Don’t go too far. I saw the Fire. Fire purges. Its Holy. I saw Phoenix. It is a symbol of rejuvenation. It is a symbol of Life. I was shouting , I have to Burn I have to Burn , for my own need. And I was burning… Hmm… Is there any possibility? Perhaps. Today it will rain. And you will stay with me? I want to… watch the sky melting and fire drenching in the rain… Oh fire… Let it come true … You go , You stay… my dream will come true in any case. I know. When you call things they appear. Even the things which only your mind bear. I don’t know. That was a dream. Hmm… rain has started. And Fire… We don’t need it now. Lets get drenched in rain. Yeah… Fire drenched in rain…


Let's say you don't read me
Then there is this poem
And if you don't read it too
I will not cry over it
Though tears have their 
Own reasons to flow
I wont mind these little things.
And let's say someone reads me
And reads this poem too
I will not move on
(I tell you) I have seen all
There is no where to be found
One thing - one being
That mirrors your Soul.

two poems

Tribal Woman 

I have found my true self -
Amidst the naked trees
Who sometimes wear the sun rays,
And sometimes the moonbeams, 
And the birdies 
Who find music in their flights
-unlike my butterfly heart -
Now I have found my true self,
I am a Tribal Woman -
In Autumn who sheds,
Breathe in Spring again. 


The nine huts in a row
Bare and still like Death
Under the sky stark Black.
Far a fire that summons
A pair of thick anklet
And a shadow behind ~
consumed the fire both
From Ashes they Rise again
A formless body -
A pair of thick anklet.