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missing the other half side, the sibling

She hesitates, feels ashamed and guilty talking about her own sister. She is her dark side. what she couldn't be.
 S.J. Sat in a dark room. Wondering what is that which is pinning her heart to bleeding. What kind of a dark side it is. ,"oh why do I miss her " "why do I yearn to call her, hug her, kiss her " " why my heart feels for her" " she is not that bad... All she needs is love and attention like a small child who goes mad when he does not get what he wants."

"I miss her so much. The times we spent together. Shopping, eating out, spending money carelessly... Oh... How I wish I could bring back the old times... For this world is so mechanic and cruel that there so few people who care to Live who dare to Live. "

S.J. thought about freedom

"It has been so fast and swift. I didn't realise I have changed. A crimson mark on my forehead changed my destiny."

Long ago, not much though, I knew a birdie. A small red eyed with creamy pink soft feathers. Two of them lived in a cage. After they grew up that red eyed birdie flew away, left the cage behind and flew away. The second birdie together with others cursed her, announced her doomed. But nobody heard anything about the red eyed birdie.  After a long time of this incident,  the bird who was left behind realised it was not she who left her folks  but herself doomed who was left behind the cage.

S.J. Looked at the vast dark sky and sighed, "Freedom comes with a price."