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A song ---

Its my first try ---

Because you are my sunlight....

I wasdown and broken
I was shattered and beaten
When I needed some life
Some air,water and sunlight
You came in my life,my dear bright
Because you are my Sunlight .....

Because u r my sunlight and my rainThe feeling so deep inside meThe sunlight showers my rain.Your movements obscure me, your laughter so lurid.I know whenever i will need uU will be my lovelightI never knew love like this beforeNow I'm lonely never moreSince you came into my lifeBecause you are my sunlight....(Thanks Lincoln .. You completed this song ! I am really very lucky I have someone to complete my incomplete work :) .. thanks again )

Just an Observation!

I have seen some people who try to keep themselves busy . Everytime they would find some work to do . They can not sit alone , quitely to do some self-analysis. I think these type of people can not face their souls. They just run and run .. whole life they spend like this without knowing their real self . Life has become so fast these days and more we are losing ourselves . But we need to know our real self . And the best way to do this is to sit quitely for 15 minutes daily before sleeping and analyse yourself. I am gonna start this soon...!!!! :)

A traveller's Note

Two days back I was travelling in bus and it was whole night's travelling. I was looking outside and thinking about darkness and then I wrote some lines about this ---

In andheron me khade pedo ko
Ye aati jaati gadiyan
pal do pal ke liye roshan kar jaati hain
per ye ped kabhi us roshni se
koi aas nahi lagate
Toh kyun mein aas lagaau
Meri zindagi mein aate jaate
Musafiron ke pyar ke do shabdon se.

Mein ped hoon andhere mein khadi
Roshni meri zindagi nahi
ye toh pal do pal ki saheli hai.

I hope its not too bad! :)

God is behind you!

Today I read one story and the moral of that story is believe that God is with you always.
First road to God is Prayer and second is Joy !
Just believe that God is with you. Dont feel that you can not ask God anything but ask God whatever you want. Talk to Him he loves talking to humans , His creations. Prayer is a nice way to reach God . Just pray anything and you will feel that you are connected with that Power house.
Remember God is there with you !

The treasure of my Mother --

10 easy points to become Happy -
1.) Obey your mother and father
2.) Be Positive 100% and read good literature
3.) Believe yourself !
4.) Take care of other's happiness
5.) Take decision to keep in mind future
6.) Keep your behaviour and nature good and pleasing
7.) Leave 'I' and 'self' and instead of it think about 'We'
8.) Smile , Smile and Smile
9.) Make your will-power strong
10.) Forget and Forgive