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Inspiration from Gdad

My Gdad visited my blog for which I am really thankful to him. In one comment he said this line which I loved very much that is why I am writing it here .
--Anybody can do their best, but we are helped by the Spirit of God to do better than our best. CATHERINE BOOTH

Gdad , please keep inspiring us like this .

Our Second Birth

Still it is like a dream …. I can not believe I had a terrible accident on 14th Oct. when we were going Udaipur by car. Our car hit the rock and turned upside down…. Oh my God!!! It was my first experience of car accident –but it was superb llolzz.. For a fraction of second I felt everything is going to end …I remembered my all friends and started wondering how they will react if they get to know that I am dead..llolzz.. But after 10 mins I was very normal … same easy going…clicking photos … cracking jokes at such a time Can’t help it ! And after some hours I just forgot everything that happened… All seemed like a bad dream! Whenever we think of that moment we realize that what could happen with us but Thanks to God we all are safe .It is just by God’s grace that me and my whole family is alive --- No doubt it is our Second Birth.
Jai Shree Krishna !

From her eyes

She could look straight into the sun’s eyes because she thought that she loved sun and trusted her so he won’t harm her, how stupid she was. From her eyes everything seems full of love , energy and life. She was my best friend so I knew her (at least I thought so) but my other classmates found her as mysterious as the pyramids of Egypt or as a Chirag of Aladin. Really! Sometimes even I found her very enigmatic. She seems like a labyrinth --- a dark , mysterious maze … you go into it … searching for something… but you are trapped .. you are lost…. She was like a puzzle … and I tried to solve it many times but I could only find two or three dark holes of this puzzle.

The dark side of Meera was too dark … and was totally unacceptable for me initially…I even started hating her. The dark side was – her heart’s one part which was convinced that she was doing something terribly wrong especially with her life and especially in relationship’s matters. How could one understand such cynicism but …


Some words are like water in spoon while some contains whole ocean in them. Home is such a word – so vast and so deep is its meaning. When you look up in dictionary for this word , you will only find direct and exact meaning – ‘residence or native place’ but in literature as well as in life Home word has different connotations . Home , the word instantly gives the feelings of comfort , ease , warmth , affection ,care , love etc. etc.

What is a Home? Where is it found? One should better ask these questions to those who are living away from their homes. If we don’t talk about the general characteristics or significance of Home , like home made food … obviously its so delicious and yummy that one can not forget it even though if he lives on five start hotel’s food , but there is something more about Home. When I wander here and there , go for shopping , walk in parks and when I am on way to home – just the sight of my colony brings in homely feelings with it… I feel safer ,secure , happy …

Sukh & Dukh

“…Sheetoshna Sukhdukheshu samah sangvivarjitah”

It is a sholka of Bhagwad Gita. It says God likes those people who are same in Ushna(hot whether) Sheetoshna ( Cold ) , Sukh (happiness) and Dukh (Dissappointments) . How true and meaningful it is , though I did not realize it earlier. I even used to wonder why to be equal in both sukh and dukh? Why it is necessary? Although it is good that you are calm and composed in your hard times but why not to be excited when you are really happy? The answer which I found to these questions was that being equal in both phases suggests that you are balanced in your life and this balance naturally brings peace with it.

Change is an essential quality of human life as well as nature’s. And learn to be composed in both your triumphs and failures suggest that you are aware of this change. Because it’s a cycle – you are happy today but remember tomorrow might not be your day. When some one is aware of this change he will neither be too excited nor two depr…

Wake up Sid!


Wake up Sid !

Good morning to those whose eyes have been opened by this movie. Good morning to those who just woke up from a long slumber and realized what they have lost and what now they can achieve. Good morning to those who came to know what their dreams are and what will give them happiness. A very good morning to all of those who know what they are and not only their eyes but their heart has opened as well.

Today is Sunday and we celebrated it by watching Wake up Sid . I carefully used the word celebrated because that is what I really mean. I would like to thank Bollywood and Karan Johar for in last few months perhaps it was the only worthy movie to waste your money on.

There are two schools in literature both in Hindi as well as in English literature – one is “Art’s for Art’s sake” and other is “Art’s for Society’s sake”. Those who belonged to the first school they believed that Art’s only aim is to provide pleasure and it should be treated only as arts and nothing else. The…

Sounds of Footsteps

Sounds of Footsteps

I hear footsteps at my door …
I wait…
I pray…
But no one comes in.

Two pairs of shoes
Slip inside the room
Forget to bolt the door
A touch shivers my body
I turn back
Thinking my prayers are heard at last
But – What! No one
Was it a dream then?

The sounds of footsteps I hear
I fear…
Two pairs of shoes
Slip inside the room
Only to vanish again somewhere
I open my eyes with a sigh
But I don’t bolt the door…

I wait…
I pray…
They come
And go
Still I hope
I believe
In the sounds of footsteps.