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Backbiting is most Annoying Habbit of Indians

One Annoying Habbit of fellow indians which irritate me Most - - -

Sadly, this is one of those questions which bring into your mind , not just one answer but the whooooooooole LIST.

Still, going with the question, my one word answer is - BACKBITING.

Let me now explain it. If you live in a small town, people are so so so much FREE that all they find interest in BACKBITING. And specialized in this are Aunties. Although they would tell you, "Mujhe jo kehna hai main toh muh per hi keh deti hun..." Still they are Masters in BACKBITING. The second common dialogue is - " Kehna mat kisi ko ...." Shhhh... But they are the first one to Tell you all the Gossip. And Last but not the least, " Main to kabhi kisi ki buraai karti hi nahi hun..." Lol.

In small towns, this Backbiting take away most of the creative energy from people. Instead of indulging in Gossiping and Backbiting if they do something Productive and Creative, India would become more and more better.