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let love not be a feeling that subsides

Tomorrow I may die
of a sudden heart-attack or
I may get a couple of month's warning
if diagnosed with cancer.
Or just suppose if I die out of blue
in suicide bombing attacks
and there are no chances that
I can come back to tell you
How I liked you?
How you made my life beautiful?In that case,
while I am still alive
I want to Love
and not let
love be a feeling that subsides
and not let
love stick to a stereotype
and not let
love be bound or bind to a name
I will let it be
only Love.

A ghazal

Why do I look in the mirror,
When you are not here? Somebody lingers around
is that, you call fear? We are women, all same
we survive, fighting tearDo you hate me, more?
As I say, I will choose to bearI know, they ignore our voices 'Anu'
we must write to make them hear