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I know where's my heart

I need a fresh start
I know where's my heart
its been spinning n whirling
n going round n round
it has been lost n found

I know where's my heart
its with the playing butterflies
its with his unspoken lies
its floating on an ice
its paying some price

I know where's my heart
I can trace it leaving my soul
And going to the meadows
Free fields, lands of sorrows
and that of Joy untold

Do you know,
There is bird in the red-corner,
Who hates and loves
its own small world o' cage,
She could die someday unknown
Having a dream in her heart to Fly
And she pricks out her own feathers each day.
Each day !
She needs to know she is alive

The Mud

You can find it strange may be,
But I love a little vulgarity
Like, I love so much of divinity.
Yes, you can say, that's common,
But that's not my point,
I find it strange,
That I like it more when I say it,
When I celebrate my Knowing -
of the fact, that both are Me,
And I had been same
Dangling in my imbalance,
Over years and years ;

I remember that from our childhood -
The Lotus and the Mud
Both are inseparable,
Tied in a mystic bond,
And he says, "We need the Mud
in order to make the Lotus".

                         Some Questions are better Unanswered (~ V)


Happiness means being close to the one you Love, that's all.

(The Museum of Innocence; Orhan Pamuk)

Memories are important.
(Vampires Diary, season I)

its so easy to fall

My life is just like the chess game
I deliberately choose on the Black Squares
Even, when I know I would lose the game.

My life is like a snake-ladder game
I deliberately choose on the snake ones
Even, when I know I would Fall.

its so easy to fall
just leave the hold
and you are down , there
people throw a glance at you
and care no more
its just a part of walking,
playing, trying, living, 
all -ing...
the good thing is - you are still Moving.

Moving , leaving the grip, the hold, 
Falling down, standing up, start moving
the actual problem begins - when you stop 
Moving at all. 
There is some grace in Falling down too, 
But there is no grace in standing still. 

Just like that

V - What you do when you feel lonely.
J - I never feel lonely now...
(whispering to herself) I have sleepless nights, some of those that scare death out of me and I feel I should have died long ago...

It would be so sad
to know what sadness is,
let us , oh dear! just
float on the surface now
we will know
what depth is within us

Blackness Within

I will do that again
I know I will
In some near future
I will take a step back -
Turn my back on you.

I had a glimpse today
Of that rare image -
two heads, two bodies
And a Soul
Divided into Two.
I am not what I am Or
What I may be
I am all
What I have been and will be...
I am afraid , you see...
I rather be alone
And suffer on my own
in my desire to be with you
And oh its a shame! I need to be away...

Something.. its rather... not so shameful
to show your body
than your Desires... The whole Blackness within
Layer on to layer , the surface...

All you need is
Someone who tells you,
"Its just a bad dream, perhaps."