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I thought I have got a straight road.  I had forgotten the earth is round and all roads collide into one.  I am glad to meet you again.  You are handsome...but I can't see your eyes... I want to look into them. Really.

S.J. is Somyaa and Jennie

Yes ! S.J. is two names for one person. Somyaa exists in the real world and Jennie exists in the mind of Somyaa. Somyaa has her world, her goodie life and a loving husband while Jennie is a wandering girl who lives on dreams and memories of a secret past. Somyaa married the man she fell in love with. Jennie has only the memories of a mysterious love. Somyaa is mostly lost into a world where real problems are ready to throw you down, where there is no time to think, where there is everything is plain and clear. But Jennie ... she is angelic, soft-hearted and more than a human. She is a philosophic creature. She wonders what is destiny, what is soulmate, what is past life?

S.J. series are the Thought-Stories of Somyaa and Jennie.
#p.s# I don't know what made me explain all of this today. Perhaps, Jennie is too confused and nostalgic. 

S.J. ~ Again !

"I think I can't take the after-roles of an Indian bride."

S.J. wondered was she always a depressing kind of ? An unhappy brooding girl who always complained for one thing or another ?

" I think I saw him. He was the first one to believe , I was capable of Love."

All goes fine with everyone, but the disasters only happen to S.J. Why ! why on the earth she makes such horrible mistakes that she begins to hate herself?

" I think I can't ever go back to that beautiful dream. A married indian girl has no home of hers. "

She feels terrible about it. Like everything has changed just with one date.  Her home is no more hers.
And what she has to accept, she can't, its not easy to bend, is it?

"I think I need to fall in love with myself again. Into the world of mystery, magic and beyond the horizon."