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Death is not a calamity. Not if you have lived your life to the fullest.
Death of your close ones is not a tragedy, if you have expressed your love to them, given them true happiness, and if you know they will be more happy in that Other World. 
Why Am I thinking about death so intensely? 
Its been three days, and I have seen four people died. Most of us are shocked by the news of an accident in which one of our known couple died with the grandfather leaving a huge business and two children behind them. I am generally not moved by any such news. Ultimately , those who left, left for something good. But this time, what about the children? The son who is in 10th std is my brother's friend. And when I asked my brother , what do you think about this whole accident, he somberly replied, ' never fight with your parents.' Losing one's parents at an early age is an unfathomable loss. 
I were not more thoughtful about it but there are surprising things going at home. With my gran…


Its 10.30 pm. I am listening to - Rupiya from Satyamev Jayate. I dunno I am in what mood. Its like - You need a long break and yet every time you find yourself working more intensely than earlier.

Its strange. I am trying to find for myself a Corner Place and I keep coming round to the Center Space.
Can we ever escape the net we weave for ourselves? 

I want to be productive. Want to write, work, write more and read , out of the world or inside the soul kinda stuff. But  ... I am disappointing myself.

So... no... I won't leave in disappointment. I am going to commit - a story each day again. Last time when I did it, I could hardly make up ten or something stories. This time... I am going to put all my heart into it. Crossing my fingers.

And. I want to - Follow all good stuff I read. Seriously.

Last Thing my mind juggled upon was - "... thing that is missed is : Mystery. I again need to Explore. Dive into myself and then find a secret passage to the Universe's most excitin…

No , thanks, its Okay...


Difficult times

These are difficult times more than ever
If it was about me , I really wouldn't care
There would have been people I love
Whenever I would need to share
But its different now than it was ever

I am tired now
I see all dark at the horizon
Its strange, that I feel so
Warm that she seems, inside she is all frozen
How do I hold those hands
Once which wiped my tears away
How do I help those feet to walk
Once who walked with me a long way

I am all broken,
And so are the wings and magic wand of my Angel
She is lost. Lost her magic and that world
Its Reality, which seems more like a thing
'Is it really happening ?'

But I have seen the story of Rapunzel
Who lost her magic hairs
But didn't lose the hope, belief
And above all, the Love.
She used her tears to enliven her Soul mate
With all these weapons ,
Why, then , I can't fight with our fate?

P.S. - Though you might not see me at the other end , I am always there.

And only the best that you deserve is meant to be And this is the Only Consolation.

A lie

Lets be Rational for a Change. I don't love you. I was lying all the while.  I knew we could never meet. You could never fall in love with me. But one day you just said, you did. I thought - Wow ! what a beautiful lie lemme carry it with me till I can. But the lie grew heavier on me. It burnt me at few places and every morning I woke up I saw scars left on my heart. No, I am not lying now. This is what a Lie did to me. A lie that I spoke and you agreed upon. Or may be vice versa. 
"....Why you are showing that you are Happy?"
J - " I wish I could show anything else than what I am. "

Surprise, Shocking !!

The Surprise Shopping : P
Random Shopping is the best surprise shopping. bought two lovely outfits. And here is what I dream of buying -  Since the day I left one scarf I really liked I have learned this - 

Japuriaa ..  Love Antique 

                  my shabby lil starry tarry world ; )   
Aw...too cutee... I want it all

Want to go Floral this Monsoon
 -  Even this is really cute

TOO MUCH I am going to design for myself this year : )

Special Post on a Special Day

Um..Yum... Happy Birthday J : )

You know what  ! I LOVE YOU :* &
I LOVE when you SURPRISE yourself ; )

That I have been doing from long Now I am going to Scrap Book My Dreams Its Gonna be a Gift to Myself. : )
He Thinks He Has Eternity 

First Thoughts

Simplicity ! Je amour tu. : )

"First Thoughts"

Baby Jeanie ? :P

This is the way Destiny works.

Her story...

She wanted a ring. 
But he gave a teddy bear.
Getting angry she threw the bear on the road. 
He went to take it back 
and was hit by a coming car and died. 

At his funeral, she hugged the bear and the Machine in it spoke: "Will you marry me? 

She found a Ring inside it.

She wanted something.
He gave that thing wrapped in something else.
She threw it aside.
The relationship died.

This is the way destiny works.

S.J. - A Queen

Could she be a queen in her past life? Who ran away from her Palace because the King couldn't understand her thirst, thirst to roam freely on meadows and hearths? Thirst to listen the Black Night's whispers among skeleton trees? And when she ran away she met a Time Traveler who came disguised to her as a Prince of Rival Kingdom but due to his commitment to the world he belonged, he went away . The Queen lost her senses. Sometimes she would see her as a lost child looking for her mother, sometimes she would…