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*  O thou Pearl
    But Beautiful.

*   Lil lil Mermaid
     Under blue Shade.

*   Old yellow leaves
     scent of love; deserted
     afternoon libraries

Fallen Angel

She was sin. Another name of it. And she was a fallen angel. How can a human might redeem her of her sins? Fallen Angels lose every virtue but few, very humane. And one of them was Faith. She believed strongly that an Angel would come to redeem her , give her place back, fix her wings and show the vast azure sky, make her feel the vastness of a seed and travel whole universe in a twinkling of an eye. Everything would be fine she had patience of unique stature, she had hope...

Daughter of Earth - S.J

...She said pensively , "We are all bound to hurt each other." She kept drowning into nihilistic meditations until...
He loved her till his last breath and she kept denying the very possibility of love. She would say till her last days, "Tragedy grows with us within us if we... " She would stop defining things. She knew in her soul what she meant but she wouldn't let out the secret and this secret , this secret took away his life...  We unknowingly write our own destinies while all the time we believe its He , the doer , He does with us in witty ways and we are blinds , we are deaf , we are ... she would say nothing what we are but now since she is safe and peaceful in her grave , she will speak through rough winds , storms and Tsunami... she had loved water ,the force of life and... She said Goodbye to the earth but she will not be happy in Heaven she will come back soon. She is the daughter of Earth.

Be the Candle

Why to fret and Frown Over darkness Be the Candle yourself !
Let us Burn the Candle of  our Faith This Diwali.
Just Believe

Happy Diwali

We two  are but  One Light


Rejection -
I fall not
Feet feel the earth
Leaves of grass
and broken worm eggs.


In dark, low and deep,
Brooding and nodding,
My mother sits. Mother !
You have a right to hurt
I had also hurt you long back
When I had stuck like a jellyfish
to your cord
(though everyone said I was a gift to you.)
Now you have a right to hurt back.
Years of trampling on your heart
has turned it into a rock
And I do understand -
I do understand,
What we give
come back to us
(and perhaps with double force.)
Now its your turn
Give !
I will take.
I had also hurt you long back.


The Warrior

A few days ago I had realized God tests yon only in the matter you can fight best. He trusts you that you can fight , he gives all the power to you to do so. Only and only you need to begin once and go on forever. ~~~*~~~

I am Sylvia

I am Sylvia.
My poem is incomplete.
I had ... someday...long ago
an intuition
There is an end.
and i am a ...
incomplete poem-
hollow manuscript-
i am none
a cloud of cloud
mud and earth
roll and rainbow but
i am not a poet
i am none.
i am sylvia...


Even if I fall in love with a poet , I will never marry him. For 

he can be an object of love but not care.


How do you define a crime?
Is that when you kill someone?
Or rape personal thoughts?
When you deceive a friend?
Or when you cheat your own heart?
How do you define a crime?
When something is illegal?
Or illicit? Or just unconvincing to ur heart?
How do you define...
Oh why I am convinced...
Oh why...