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One day without you

One day without you is like silent lights of the morning the hazy day  pass away I feel the world is all fine and yet I miss your smiley sunshine.
One day without you is like the cloud of midnight rains clock runs  at a snail's pace I feel the world is all fare but in the night at nothingness I glare
Oh! we pretend we don't miss each other we show off we give enough space  we 'give a damn' and  say 'as if I care' But what if one day  one of us is no more there?
Sometimes, in a marriage,  It is good to admit that you Love that you Miss that you Care that you Fear. Sometimes, in a marriage,  It is good to know that  We are blessed to have them there. 

A House of My Own

A House of My Own

Open space, colorful flowers, far from city, no pollution, no noise. Less amenities, less luxury, a little but my own home. With my glass cutlery, a shelf of my dear books, a little studio of art works and vintage magic all over.         My half opened window and an eternity to feel the music of time. No hurry, no worry, time runs and stops at my wish. Serenity and peace !

Marriage is...

Faith and Doubt Love and hatred Illusion and Reality Truth and Lies Time and Eternity
Don't dwell on either part 'coz The Art of Balancing is an art of Living.
And,  Marriage is an epitome of This Art...

love in marriage

Whenever I read a male poet
and their poems of love -
sensual, deeply deeply emotional
pouring out all fears, faith
and cares,

I wonder !
Does my husband think the same way?
Does he feel soft, fluffy, childish ache of love
Does he desire me
crave, yearn, cry inside for my love?

I want to know
what does he feel for me?
how does he want me?
how much he want me?
But both remain silent as if
talking about love in marriage is a sin.

I was insanely curious until today
when he said during morning cuddles,
"I missed you yestermorning
I had to wake up my own."

Just a Hello to Morning !

Hello morning !

I have been quite "down" from a few days. No problem in life - thats perhaps a problem for people like me. Not that I am too much adventurous, love challenges, struggle and all but... I am sure don't like a plain , simple, dull, boring life. I don't have anything to do except study and chores. Everything is fine and yet I have all sorts of regrets, frustration, feeling of demotivation and all. I don't know what to do !
Wait ! I think I know. I need to believe whatever I have , I can make most of it. I just can't let go of time and feel wasted. I have did it all my life. But now, I need to keep myself busy - doing little things I love. And I need to start Visualize - to the height of Living - the life I really WANT.
So please, wake me up early. Don't let me forget the promises I make to myself. And make me believe in the dreams I watch...
Love you always!

@ngel !

Blogging in the Morning !

When ever I try to stay up and concentrate on my career, I fall down to my dreams of creativity.

I am drawn to Creativity.

But I have a strong notion that people often reflect what their soul contains.

What do I reflect or what I have power to Reflect , I dunno...

In the pool of black waters, I am struggling to go deep , in search of Purity, Beauty and Love !