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God chooses you

Have you ever wonder why members of the same family follow different Gods ?

Somehow I came to believe that it is the God that chooses us , and not the vice versa.

For instance, I believe, I was attracted towards Jesus , at the time of life, when I seriously needed  peace and acceptance. Later, I got attracted towards Krishna and I realized Duty is calling me. Whether I wish or not, I have to fulfill my duties in the society. Worshiping Krishna, keeping his ideal in front of me, helped a lot.

Likewise, I have seen those, who need to have patience during sufferings and struggle, get attracted towards Sai Baba. I guess, worshiping Sai Baba helps to go on during tough times, "Shraddha and Saburi", as the Mantra goes.

Haveyou seen it happening in your life? Does the God you worship , symbolizes the pattern of your life? It might be just a fancy, but I strongly believe in the fact that God chooses us.

(This is An old draft)

Same people

Sukriti reached her parent's home. She was furious to see her brother was standing out with packed bags. "You are not going anywhere." She ordered him.
"Its none of your business." He said curtly.
She looked at her paralyzed dad on wheelchair. "Who will take care of dad?"
"We can't stay here anymore. I will manage that anyway." She came back all broken and tired. She shared her concern for her brother and parents with a close friend. Who consoled her, " Do not worry, aren't you guys more peaceful now? So let them stay happy and peaceful too. "Sukriti could see herself from other side of the mirror now.

On reading old blog posts

From Last few days I had been reading my old blog posts and comments of old friends and I was like... Transported to an another world.Feeling so great to have met amazing people in my life. These posts and their comments are treasure to me. Thank you all for touching my life like a sunshine in million ways.


I am old-fashioned. This is I am...
I think... I should go now...
... Its conditioning. You know!
Yes I know, but this is me, at least in present...
Okay...---I didn't ask, will we ever meet?
But he said, indirectly, in reincarnation.

Waiting Room

An in-law joint family looks like an over crowded platform. And when you are in the common hall, it feels like, you are in the waiting room. Too Careful not to disturb anyone and attentive if anyone is observing you. In waiting room, you dream about your destination. You want to make friends, talk about your dream destination, but every one seems so aloof, lost in their day-dreams or rather enjoying the waiting period with friends. You remain lonely, because you are attached to your dream destination, it's air, its feel, its touch, that you are truly never a part of the waiting room, but you are already almost there, at your dream destination.

A cuckoo and an Eagle

That day, by chance or by destiny, a cuckoo and an Eagle met. Looking her sad, he asked - why are you sad?
She : They say, I sing well.
He : Then you can reach very high.
She : We are born without wings.
He : They told this and you believed them?
She : Do we have any other choice? He smiled, he roared high, he thought about her for years, he thought, " How to free her from the invisible chains?"


Everyone in the room whispered in each other's ears that what a misfortune it was to become a widow in mid-forties. Ladies came, soothed her. Elderly widows talked about their own experiences and how the life is finished after the death of husband. She covered in dark colored sari, stayed quite for almost whole day. Amongst the common chatter of ladies, her thoughts would wander again and again and she would begin to think, "Would I never be able to wear a red sari?" "And eat out and party and laugh and...?" Red was her favorite color, like yellow and pink.

My Krishna

When I saw
What was not given to me
I complained to you
When I saw
What was given to me
I praised you
Was I not enlightened,
When I praised you
Was I not you
When I tried to be yours
Was I not found by you
When I was lost

I am only yours
My Krishna!
I am only yours! 


Squirrels run into my mind,
Shrieking with joys
Of companionship
They hit my pc, run over
The table full of trivial things
The world does not matter
For them
Then what does?
They don't tell me
When they are together
They go wild
the surrounding
Forgetting themselves
Forgetting about love too. Squirrels don't love
They enjoy
Being with each other.


In the counselor's cabin :"I am Sujal. My wife and I have decided to opt for a divorce. But our friends suggested to seek some advice before quitting like this. So I am here." "And your wife?" "She doesn't believe in counseling thing." "Okay. What is it that brought you guys to make such a crucial decision?" " I have got tired of her complaints. She thinks we are poles apart and can not stay happy together." "I understand you completely. I want to ask you something. Do you both talk?" "Yes." "About what?" "Food, household stuff, work, kid, necessities of life.." "Being the closest relation on earth, have you ever talked about life, love, relationship, sex, values, dreams, your deepest emotions, fears, faith, God and alike? " ummm.. No... No we have never talked about these things. "" Now I would advice you to go home and have a conversation with your wife about anythin…


As soon as her mother saw her, she brought out a container of Pista saying, " whenever I see pistas I remember you a lot, how much you would eat it moni specially during Diwali, have it, it's for you."
"Oh no... I don't want," said moni being a little disconnected.
"Why? You have to finish it. It's for you." the weight in mother's voice was so much that she felt more disconnected now and began to wonder Where's the love for pista has disappeared? There were so many things she had loved before her marriage. May be, this is the way it happens with everyone. Old love fades away into a still world, where the memory of that love is freezed forever.
Now she ate Pista, not out of her love for it but because her mother remembered.... That she loved pista.

The call

One squirrel got trapped in my room. But she must have been enjoying there too, because though another squirrel, who might be her better-half, tried to call her, but she refused going out. The game was continued from so many days now. He would call her by persuading, shouting, showing his care and love and would do everything for her, but she would come for him till the door, and rush back again inside. What do I do then? I leave it to her destiny.
Let her decide, he whispered from another world.


"I have got irritated of that bloody rascal." Vicky popped up. "Shut up he is mentally ill, leave him alone," I said. A few days later Vicky couldn't stop himself and went to that old man who had long ruffled dry hairs, deep eyes and insufficient clothes on his body. He asked him what was he doing here. The man replied looking gravely at him, " I am waiting. " Vicky got taken aback and asked him again what was it madman? He again said soberly, "sometimes food, sometimes clothes, sometimes sleep, sometimes sense..." As he heard the madman's words, Vicky thought he was really ill, he returned back, and as he took a few steps, the madman called him and shouted, "What are you waiting for, aye?" And the madman laughed, for he knew, he knew that he was no exception in the world full of Sane people.


Her 3 year old son was collecting all balloons before his birthday party began. One by one, he had all balloons out in the sky from their apartment balcony.She asked her son, though not angrily, "Why did you do that?""They would reach higher in the sky than in the room, hai na mummy?""Oh yes, my son, they do not belong to here." said she, feeling a pang in her heart.


"I am waiting for their season to get over. How excited I am to spend time with him."
 As her sis-in-law said that, she remembered, four years she had waited for the season to get over, to spend time together, to shop, to travel, to love life, to fulfill dreams, to just be... And had been miserable when life reminded same as ever.
Now she didn't want his season to get over, for she loved his absence, for she would be miserable if he spends his time with her.


"Have you ever seen fher?"
"Yes, she was there, sitting in a group of four-five, chatting, laughing, cracking jokes.... but... with a cautious attention and heavy breathing as if someone is watching over her every minute every second..."
"I was talking about Fear."
"I was talking about Fear only. Look at her, and you would know."


"No I know you won't be able to retain your trust on me." I sobbed.
"I still trust you and I will always." he said calmly. Beautiful lies are like twinkling colorful lamps hung outside in the balcony, attractive yet have a gloomy air about them. I saw him checking my mobile. I trusted his words, he didn't mine.