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Happiness v/s sufferings

The cup of suffering is not the same size for everyone.
- - - Paulo Coelho

What do you think about suffering?? Is it man-made and fruit of our bad actions in past or is it destined ? Shakespeare said - As flies to wanton boys we are to God . Is it correct ? Sometimes when I think on grand issues I fill with horror . I feel as if whole universe has devoured me in itself. But even after I am not able to find a single seed from which I can find eternal happiness.

Me and my friend were talking on such subjects and then she said which I liked very much that life actually only gives you setbacks and its full of sadness but instead of this one who finds happiness conquers life.

So we all are fighting against all odds . No matter who is suffering more or less. But one who learns to live happy clears test of life. :)

One of my fav. Gazal -

Kabhi Khud per toh kabhi halaat per rona aaya,
Jab baat nikli toh har ek baat per rona aaya.

Hum toh samjhe the ki hum bhul gaye hain unko ,
Kya hua aaj ye kis baat per rona aaya.

Kyon jeete hain aakhir kiske liye jeete hain,
Baarhaa aise sawalaat per rona aaya.

Kaun rota hai kisi aur ki khaatir ,
sabko apni hi kisi baat per rona aaya.

I dont know who originally wrote this but I had heard it in my teenage and from that time I still recall it when I sit lonely. It also reminds me of Page 3 's 1 song , which is also my one of the fav. - Kitne ajeeb rishte hain yahan per ---
I love this line esp. --
Kuch bhi ho jaye yahan bas khush rehna hai.
Isnt it lovely and true? :)

Things around!

Thins around are really great! Preparing for exams. I dont know why it happens that whole year you would be able to study well but at last moment you just start hating books well atleast it is happening with me and I am just waiting for 12th may when I would be able to breathe in fresh air and that day I would be completing my Vanvaas :)

Today I had the practical of LS - Library science we have this compulsory subject. I would really like to share what happened with me in practical -
We got 1 - 1/2 hr for each section so totally we had 3 hrs. Now I wasted my 1 hr and made continuosly mistakes uuuhuuu I really got frustated and lost hope that I would be able to finish paper but at last thanks to God I completed my paper . Now tomorrow I have Viva .. Hope for the best!

Well I really like LS as a subject. My area of knowledge really got wide . I got to know some rare informations about libraries which hardly few people know. But just dont ask about LS lectruer He is one of the rarest pers…

Give Compliments!

I met one RJ last year . He was a tutor in one hobby class. Though we are not in touch now but I remember his one thing which he used to say that - Give Compliments !.

Its true that we live in such a society where everyone wants to be the centre of attraction . When you give someone a compliment he feels he is admired and that makes him happy. If you can make someone happy with just a simple sentence what's wrong in it? right?

Well you can always begin with Now and Here . How's my new blog page ? :)


What should one do if he is very restless??
If he swtiches from one song to another just because he can not bear listening one song only??
If he just keeps turning pages just because he can not concentrate on one article or story?
If he closes eyes for meditation and out of some deep fear (or dunno what) wake up again making some stupid excuse to God??
What if one is very restless?? I am just like that and I have tried many things to control but it seems that it is uncontrolable.
According to you what should I do?

Two faces!

Well thank you Pankaj you made me write my thoughts on Two faces at last.
Its not something awkward or strange its what everyone has --- TWO FACES .
Infact I believe we have many faces . What I am before my parents I can not be like that before my siblings or friends . So that's okay! but what would happen if you have two faces - one that is for whole world and other that is for yourself. Well it may create some complexity inside you. I am not very much experienced though but I feel I have experienced some sort of trauma and still I can not relate myself to my past ... I dunno if i had two faces . Yes, I have two faces for those who dont want to understand me and who dont care to know me but I have only one face for those who love me. I am honest. I am innocent this is what people tell me because I never hide my inner self.
And to be true they get very irritated when I live my real self :)
I think to live a happy , peaceful and divine life you just have to mingle your two faces and ma…