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True Love or Love !

I firmly believe, there is nothing called True Love. 
Either it is love or nothing.

I believe, Love is solely based on Understanding. The more you understand a person, the more you feel close to his/her thoughts and emotions, the more you like them and that's love. 

Duties are Duties !

A woman's life, start from beginning rolls around Duties. A man , while exaggerates his duties at work place, back at home even for a glass of water he is dependent on a woman. Often it is noticed that duties of a minister, officer, teacher and alike are exaggerated. While it is a woman who for 24 hours performs her duties without even recognition. Many a times its just a DUTY for her and not always her heartfelt job.

Yes, that's true, when a woman is a daughter-in-law , a wife , a mother, a caretaker for someone, she knows she is performing her duties. Its not that she always feel great to do such things. And who's there to tell her, that Great Job Done ! Duties well performed ! You deserve an award! and that, We are grateful to have you !

No its not being hypothetical ! It is called Recognition. How many times in a day, week or month you recognize that woman of your house is performing her duties. Her duties are of same importance that of the duties of a Minister or Off…

A Post Card for you !

This one for you all - 

And I am so happy today, I sent post cards to friends.
The fragrance of love and relation remains fresh with these little acts.

With love !

# Postcards on Paulo Coelho's blog check out- Here

Know when you need new Friends

I miss those times when six years back we used to walk on the terrace and talk heart to heart, soul to soul. The impression of my hostel days still remain dark on my heart. I miss such a friend in my life with whom I can talk and discuss all things close to human development. But does such friendship last forever?

I don't know this yet. We have Watsapp, Facebook etc but they do not ensure warmth of any relationship. I think we all do have our Journeys, and we keep meeting new co-travelers. This is what I truly love about this Journey called Life.

Whom we even think are our best-est buddies, may be there in our lives for short period. In our journey when we feel we are on Fast Development Mode, our some friends might get left behind. And then we begin to feel the void, and an urge to have a friend with whom we could share our Development Progress or Experiences of  our Journey.

There, I guess, we feel the yearning to make New Friends. Those who have similar experiences, consciousl…

That day ... I was made to believe

That day... I let it be, and decided to believe that Fate is a powerful thing, and we can not always choose what do we want.

That day ... I  was made to believe, God does what is best for us.

* This post is written for IndiSpire prompt -Write one liner, fiction, poetry or experience starting with "That day..."#ThatDay


There should be at least one person in your life whom you could tell anything odd-even, truth-lie, fancy, fantasy just Anything.

Look Inside and find what Happiness is

IndiSpire Topic - What does happiness mean to you? Do you go looking for happiness?#Happiness

Look everything around for what makes you happy

Look back and know the moments that made you happy

Look Inside and find what Happiness is 

To me it is 

A gloomy-red sunset
A cup of ginger tea
A passionate novel !

Drizzling rains
Scooty long drives
A day-time movie in Hall !

To have a soulful talk
And spend time with loved one...

Happiness to me is an Attitude, you can wear it daily, and good if you do.

And truly, I don't go looking for it, because I believe its not a Thing placed Outside, it is something you Create. That is why, some people choose to be Happy regardless of any obstacle and problems. 

What happiness is for you - 

Reply in one word, a sentence, a couplet or in a few lines. Based on memory or fiction, whatever , but plunge in Happiness and you would just love it.

Sanyaa - One line fiction

Sanyaa said stiffly , Silence ! Sun sinks, sympathetically.

#IndiSpire topic : Write a post in which all words start with 'S'