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Some lines written in solitude

I want to die without a heart,
Without any pain without any part,
Dying with a body and without soul,
Without any gain but with a goal.
Let me die ,now, for their sake...

Silly are my thoughts which are never expressed,
Silly is my heart which never give up red blood,
Silly is my mind, always wander to and fro,
And silly me , who is all this letting you know.

Now there has cleavage come,
We are apart now,no more one,
Two body was always now two souls,
We are apart now , no more one,
Now there has cleavage come.


I was foolish that never understand you,
Never felt you never saw you,
Always tried to seek you outside,
But never saw my heart ,where were you.



Sach! Kavita zindagi ki ek sacchai ban jaati hai.
Jab woh ek aaina ban jaati hai.
Jismein har tasvir jhalakti hai,
Sachhi ho ya jhooti,
Khobsurat ho ya badsurat,
Meethi ho ya kadvi,
Nazar aa hi jaati hai,
Jaam ki tarah chalak hi jaati hai,
Har waqt ka praman ban jaati hai,
Har jakhm ka nishan ban jaati hai.
Sach! Kavita zindagi ki ek sacchai ban jaati hai.
Jab woh ek aaina ban jaati hai.


Ilm hai mujhey ki tu mera nahi, Paya kahan hai tujhey phir bhi khoya nahi.
Jurm hai gar Ishq toh kia hai meine ,Paongi kaise jo boya nahi.
Ek - ek saans jaati rahi per dekh, Kaisa hai woh patthar jo roya nahi

Creative Visualization

Creative Visualization

What is Creative Visualization---------
Creative Visualization is a technique of using your imagination to creat what you want in your life. There is nothing at all new or strange , we all use it everyday in our life . We learn this to use our natural creative imagination in a more and more conscious way, as a technique to creat what we truly want ---- love, fulfillment , enjoyment , staisfying relationships , rewarding work , self-expression, health , beauty , prosperity , inner peace and harmony... whatever our heart desires. The use of creative Visualization gives us a key to tap into natural goodness and bounty of life.
Imagination is the ability to creat an idea or mental picture in your mind . In creative visualization you use your imagination to creat a clear image of something you wish to manifest. The you continue to focus on the idea or picture regularly, giving it positive energy until it becomes objective reality ...... in other words, until you actuall…

Kuch Gazals..

Kuch Gazals..

Maut hey ki peecha hi nahi chodti,
dam tod deti hai magar aanhey nahi chodti.

Ankhon mein dikhayi deti hai,
Magar saansey nahi chodti.

Dar toh itna hai ki woh khud ko nahi pehchanta,
Sheshey mein dikhayi deti hai rahein nahi chodti.

Sach poocho toh ab koi chah nahi,
rahien toh bahut hain magar,
Manjil per pahuncha de meri aisi koi rah nahi,
Sach poocho toh ab koi chah nahi.

Tumhey sunna tha sun liya,
Ankhein bhar li tumhey Dekh jo liya ,
Kehney ko kehtey ho koi baat,
Sach kahon ab aisi koi baat nahi.
Sach poocho toh ab koi chah nahi.

Koi aaya kahan zindagi mein apni,
Lagta hai mujhey phir dokha hua.
phir iss Dil mein dard hua.
Koi aaya kahan zindagi mein apni,
Lagta hai mujhey phir dokha hua.

Phir wahi khanak hui
wahi andherey mein chamak hui
Koi aaya kahan apni zindagi mein
Lagta hai mujhey phir dokha hua.

Khidki khuli hui mili,
charon aur roshni chayi hui mili.
Haan shayad koi aaya tha aisa laga
Per phir ky…

Night after Night

Night after Night

Night after night …
It is dark enough ,
Are you afraid of dark ?
Is fear increasing ?
Night after Night

Is someone spying on you ?
Is someone wants to kill you?
It is dark enough…..
Are you afraid of dark ?
Night after Night …

Are you seeing the same dream?
Is this a horror dream?
Is fear increasing ?
It is dark enough …
Are you afraid of dark ?
Night after night

Black World

Black World

Everyone has own world there he thinks ,
Cheers , cry and see dreams .
Some of has red world and some of blue ,
But poor I have a black world ,
Not because I can’t see you ,
Or can’t hear from you my name ,
But because I have nothing to feel ,
nothing to think, nothing to blame .

Oh my black world ! you have no end ,
Your darkness flourish everywhere to kill me .
If I do not get a candle to make a little light ,
And to blame that it had better I would get sun’s shine .
But still here darkness alive .



A twinkling star , a sparkle sky ,
A very dark night like a spy ,
A cold night but two hearts hot ,
Hand that holds together with shy ,
A twinkling star a sparkle sky…..

Soft music soft wind blowing ,
Suddenly a tear fall from his eye ,
We left hugging and kissing now ,
He put his head on my lap, we both cry ,
A twinkling star a sparkle sky…..

Please come mamma.......


Am I an orphan child? Am I that one?
Where is my mamma ? where are you ?
I do not want Father . (really) only you.
And I do not need both father and you.
Because you both will love each other
And like always I have to be live alone.
And like always I have to be alone.
Where is my mamma?
I am waiting for you please come,
Do not leave me alone, I will die without you.
You have dragged me into hell.
No one loves me here, no one cares for me.
Please come mamma , please,
Otherwise like always, I have to be live alone.
I have to be live alone.
You forgot you had kept me in your arms always.
I am used to sleep in the warmth of your bosoms.
I am used to eat food by your hands.
I am used to share all problems with you .
Now won’t you come mamma?
Otherwise I have to be live alone .
I have to be live alone .
Please come mamma, please come……



Shayad raat hi ko deakha tumhe ,
soacha ki mein swapana deakhti hoon ,
jabse deakha tumhein tumhi ko har waqt deakhti hoon .
jahan mein tumhein deakhti hoon
wahin khushiyon ko simtey huey deakhti hoon .
shayad raat hi ko deakha tumhey ……………

Sahil mein lahroon ko mit te huey deakhti hoon ,
Dil mein umangoon ko uth te huey deakhti hoon ,
Per ab nahi deakhti kuch bhi ,
Kyonki sirf tumhey deakhti hoon.
Shayad raat hi ko ………

Ab toh tumhey bhi yakien hoga ishq bejuban hota hai ,
Ki kehte - kehte mein alfaz ko bewafa deakhti hoon.
Shayad raat hi ko deakha tumhey……..

Akhir kaun ho tum?

Akhir kaun ho tum

Suraj ki pehli kiran ho tum ,
Sawan ki pehli barish ho tum ,
vraksh ki pehli shakha ho tum ,
jivan ki marma aasha ho tum ,
kyun ho mere akhir kaun ho tum?

Nisha ke baad subah ka ujiyara ho tum ,
Dhup – chavan ke khel mein sahara ho tum,
Koyal ki mithi bhasha ho tum ,
Bhawanroon ki mast abhilasha ho tum ,
Kyun ho mere akhir kaun ho tum ?

Mere jivan ki pehli talaash ho tum ,
Meri dharti mere aakash ho tum ,
Nahi samney phir bhi paas ho tum ,
Jivan mein bandhi ek aas ho tum,
Kyun ho mere akhir kaun ho tum ?


Zindagi khud-ba-khud kuch raaz bana deti hai ,
bejuban bhi kahe aise andaaz bana deti hai ,
thokrien sirf hamien deti hain sikh kyonki,
kuch ko toh yeah dagabaaz bana deti hai,
gamon ki dariya mein doob jana nahi zindagi,
khushi chahnewalon ko yeah khush mizaaz bana deti hai.

Mujhey apni pehchaan chahiye

~~Mujhey apni pehchaan chahiye~~ kaun hoon mein mujhey apni pehchaan chahiye, kiska hai intezaar mujhey kaun sa jahaan chahiye,
kya mushkil,kya pareshani,kiski chinta hai mujhey? kis kashti ki aakhir mujhey wo unchi udan chahiye?
kya khwab,kya hadsa,akhir sach hai kya? kis khwahish ke khuda ki kaun si ajan chahiye?
kisi bhi jannat se akhir kaun kab aaya hai? kiske aaney ka intezaar mujhey kaisa armaan chahiye?