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The last letter

Dear God,

2017 flew like a restless bird. It began with a beautiful gift from you- a pretty baby girl. She was truly a blessing as she gave all of us so much happiness.

Throughout the year I learnt so many lessons but the most important lessons are-

1 patience- specially as you bring up your children.

2 forgiveness- Sometimes you do mistakes for which you have to pay a big price but then you have to learn to forgive yourself. This is life and we all have to move on.

Each year makes you Rich with experiences. What the last day tells is, this too shall pass and life goes on.

I thank you god for all the precious lessons you have taught and good memories you have given this year. All I pray for a new dawn of success and experiences in the coming year.

Love you.

P.S.- never mind of frustated blabbering instead of prayers.

(Perhaps) an angel.

Why me

Today was the worst day of my life to date.

On the contrary , last year on this day I was on top of the world because I had become the mother of a cute baby girl.

Today as we were about to celebrate the first birthday of our baby girl, she met with an accident and the whole environment turned grey.

From last 3  months as my health is slightly low, I am only wondering, why me?