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My Gypsy Dreams :P

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........ my life's on the same track as before December - same track - same journey . hey wanna look inside my bag? umm... you will find nothing except - Gypsy Dreams :D - sounds interesting .. huh! :)

When I was in hostel , I had a strong wish to live alone in Jaipur at PG (coz in 3 years I had seen so much of hostel life , now I wanted to begin a different journey , wanted to see a different life ) . So , I lived alone for almost 2-3 months then my sister joined me ... of course that was a great experience too ... living with real elder sister because from childhood we had hardly lived with each other... so after a long time we got a chance to spend time with each other and most shocking thing (to know each other :P ) .

Before she joined me as my roomie , I was lost in my own world - on a Lonely Planet :P . I was too lonesome... but then this disease  taught me a lot. At that time ,I would read inspirational books , talk to myself for 2-3 hours , observe nature , …

Farewell to P.S. Stories...

This Valentine's Day Jeanie has no Date , she is single - not by Chance but by Choice.

Things were blurred last year . It seems now she has come to a different plane as she is able to see everything from a different prospective.

She is sad . She does not understand why it happens that past memories are always bitter in her life? Today she has shed all pseudo images from her mind . She has shed all old memories. Why should she be " Too Sweet" if she has to shed tears later on for her sweetness ? 

Let her be harsh and rude and Strong - 
Let her wear Spurious Shield -
Let no tempestuous wind or storm fling her -
Let her be a Rock and not flowing River.

Jeanie has no regrets of past . She knows God moves in a mysterious way and everything happens for a purpose. Good that people came in her life and taught her lessons of life and showed World's Ways.. Yes she was too naive. She enjoyed being too innocent but now let The Tyger replace the Lamb ... Each Time has its own significan…

Missing you...

This is dedicated to Vish by Jeanie :)

I had talked to him hardly 2 or 3 times and I started dreaming about him ... I started forming his image in my mind. This image  in beginning was akin to him , I suppose , but slowly with more dreaming and less efforts of knowing him , became pseudo image rather than a real image .

I miss him often But I am confused - Do I miss him or his pseudo image? I don't know him yet... or still I know him a little.  

I am wondering ... I have changed a lot ... Have I really? Or had I also made a pseudo image of myself in my mind? I think I love my pseudo image - Image of how I wanted to be - Free - Free from external and internal chains. Somewhere I read nothing stops us but our own mind , how true it is.. I want to know that friend more and more , want to take one more risk to find my soulmate .. but these days my carefree soul has caged herself inside red walls and is afraid to come out and look at the Azure Sky.

Every night, when my tired body is retire…

Gemini Effect

Jumbled thoughts :)

I was talking about this in one of my facebook notes then I thought why not write it here as its a deep thought or an interesting discovery  ; at least for me . :)

Sometimes in our life we adopt a code of behaving we call it manners and with regular practise it becomes a part of our nature.
You have always been like this (for eg. A ) but have you ever tried being like some other (for eg. B) ... ??

You have been behaving in one manner till now , but when you adopt an another way of behaving or say living... you either love it or it may also leave you hollow , confused , disillusioned...

I will give you my example that I was always "one" from inside and outside ...I opened my heart to everyone.. expressed my instant feelings or madness..... disclosed even my deepest and darkest secrets as if it had been a simple and mandatory introduction of me..( that was useless and unnecessary though I realize it now.).. I used to wonder how people can live secretly , can hide their feelings ,…

Random thoughts

"................ He asked questions and answered them himself. He expressed opinions on everything under the sun without ever quietly savouring the beauty of the mountains and birds and flowers. Perhaps such enjoyment is not possible unless we suspend analysis and feel the true essence of things with goodwill and respect in our hearts ; unless we seek forgiveness from trees and stones for our mindless audacity in searching their secrets ...."
- ( Orange Moon , by Sharat Kumar)

I don't know how many people enjoy Nature's beauty silently and devour it with a touch of philosophy and respect .  This may sound very stupid and irrational or may be waste of precious time but is it really a waste and stupidity?
Sometimes I would sit and try to understand "The Language of the Universe" , try to understand "The Soul of the World"... there is something perhaps some energy which connects everything in this Universe , whether living or non-living. Finding logics…

P.S. - New Mantra

(It is a Sunday morning. Jeanie is sitting on a bench in the Park. She is reading a novel. A guy is sitting on a next bench who is perhaps listening to music...)
(After sometime he comes to Jeanie and asks her - - - )

Guy - Hey are you reading some novel?
Jeanie (replies Blithely ) - yeah! ( again turns back to her reading ) 
Guy -  I am a big fan of fiction... by the way which novel are you reading?
Jeanie - (tells him the title of the novel... which is a love story)
Guy - Oh !!! ( recalls the author's name) I have read his novel too ... hmm ... so you are into romantic stuff ..      hmmm... 
Jeanie - ahh... yeah you can say that... well you can sit if you want.
Guy - Oh thank you..( smiles and sits beside her... but maintains  a gap) ... hey I am Jason by the way!
Jeanie - I am Jeanie ... (smiles and shake hands)
Guy - Nice to meet you Jeanie ... so.. you come here often?? I haven't seen you before?
Jeanie - No , I have come here first time... I am new in this City.
Guy - Wow! New girl …