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Trapped -1 Identity Crisis

I am going through a severe identity crisis. I don't know what is identity crisis but I think it is what I am facing. Though it may not be a big issue what girls go through after marriage but It Is.
Let me ask a few questions in general.
>:) what if one day when you wake up you find everything has changed from your parents to home to lifestyle. Everything.
>:) The food preferences has been changed. How would you react when you crave day in day out to eat your favourite breakfast and lunch??
>:) And moreover, what if wearing clothes get changed to Dressing Code and Conduct.

I am tired of living a life according to other's guidelines. I am really tired. You know something inside you begins to die and they say you have grown old

Now coming to the point,  Identity Crisis.  I am struggling to maintain my old lifestyle together with the new one. I am trying hard not to forget what I had been, what was my favourite food,  favourite time pass, what I was enthusiastic about, …