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My Story

Hello Mr. Roy , Hope you had a pleasant journey?
Oh yes it was good. The weather was fine. Both Dr Mathur and Dr Roy shook hands. Dr. Mathur who was in hurry tried to cut short the formalities and said with good humor, “ Well we have arranged one cottage for you. Please make yourself comfortable. I will join you for lunch and meanwhile if you need anything tell Raju he will take care of everything. “
Both shook hands again. And Dr. Mathur sped out of the room.
Doctor Roy while taking a hot bath in his cottage looked out at the green fields. They seemed to him extremely quiet as if not a leaf turned over in many years. The valley seemed to him like a beautiful cold dead bride. Everything had come to a standstill.
In the afternoon over lunch Dr Mathur told Dr Rao about the mental hospital and some special cases. Doctor Rao was a psychiatrist practicing in Noida and he had agreed with the Hospital authorities in Almora to observe the general scenario and see some special cases. After …

Are you a Foodie? Yes? Can't miss Zomato then :)

What a coincidence! The week had begun with the movie Julie and Julia based on the life of a Cook and a blogger and on weekend I am ended up blogging about food. Ah … Yes I had fancied of turning into a cook or even a foodie after watching that splendid movie but alas! I am a disaster at both cooking and eating. But anyway I love to play a host for friends and accompany my sister to exotic restaurants though it is hard to find a good restaurant without some help so it is what I was going to talk about – a mode as exotic as the final destination.Here I landed on a website – , which introduces you to the astounding places for grabbing food. But wait a minute! Before the website introduces you to such places let me introduce you to this website. 
Even a wandering leaf has to tell a story so the story of Zomato is worth reading. It was a brainchild of an IITian Mr. Dipender Goyal who worked for Bain and Company. Then Mr. Pankaj Chaddah who worked at the same compan…

just like that

You should be here (where ever you are) to see how happy I am. I am so glad that I always believed in Goodness. I am so fortunate that I never abandoned the hope for true love. I know I would find you some day around. I know you would be the same as I ever dreamed. The other day I was watching this movie called Julie and Julia and guess what I found I am not dead. Yeah I am much alive. I love eating , love cooking , would love to learn french and I am a blogger. What else one may wish for a happy life? But they both had loving husbands. Will I ever have a loving husband? I believe things will be all right at the end. And its all because of the movies... because of the secret magic...
Waiting for you.
Forever Yours

The Night Lamp

"I am amazed. You are quite poetic even when you write about cars." I thought Prakash was making my fun but he looked strangely serious. "Yeah?", I asked him to elaborate his point. "Do you write poems ? " , I hesitated a little bit and couldn't come up with any definite answer so he asked again , " Fiction?" , "Umm no... I don't write..." ," WHY?" , He looked genuinely surprised which in turn surprised me. And I blurted out in no time , "Because I dont have any story to write." He smiled and said carefully choosing the words , " Everyone on this earth has a story to tell. I believe you too would be having one. May be not like Cinderella or Alice but something of the sort on which you believe intensely." Before I could take in his words completely he resumed , " Izra I know sometimes the story would not come out easily but when it is hurling up inside you , you feel restless , you turn on the…

The Dark Corridor

"I do look good. Dont I? Specially in this frock?" "Oh yeah that floral print suits you." Kunal smiled with some effort. How could I miss that expression. But was I me at that time?  "Kunal..." "yeah?" " I want that ice-cream." I showed him a vendor-boy. "You cant eat that you know , your throat isn't well yet." "But I want that I want that I want that." "Okay okay fine.... bhaiyya one kulfi... yeah...thank you...," looking at me with so caring eyes he said , "take this." I took the kulfi but it wasn't as cold as his eyes... why is he so cold with me? why doesn't he laugh as he used to... has anything changed? "Kunal... " , his expressions changed , his eyes contracted , he was prepared for another whim , "yes?" , " I ... I am cold..." "take my jacket" but I wanted you... "yeah thank you". He isn't fine. "Shall we go to home?…