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The night was a sleepless night for Jeanie. She was surrounded by the ghosts of memories. In the morning, she came out to breathe in fresh air, she saw it was drizzling. The greenery around soothed her eyes and she saw a huge tree holding close to his heart a creeper. She smiled at herself, her love filled heart, her joys and wishes, and her liveliness.

Life is not just a coma or a period, it is also an Ellipsis...

P.S. I love you ! Soulmates

Jeanie : In moments of Crisis, can you think of love?

W : When else would you need it most?

Jeanie : Can I call you Warrior, W seems so far.

W : You can call me anything. I am open to all new names, new lives, new experiences.

Jeanie : New Soulmates? (Laughs)

W : Nah! Soulmates are Soulmates because their Souls know each other well since many lives back. So they are practically never new to each other.

Jeanie : Ah! so.. you think you can have many Soulmates in one life?

W : Yes. You can have many Classmates in one Class, so why not many Soulmates in one life? There is a big difference between a Life Partner and a Soulmate. You know that, don't you?

Jeanie : Yeah, I got your point.

W : And still you are afraid to Tell it to yourself?

Jeanie : No... I am not afraid of anything except Losing the Charm of Unsaid Words.

P.S. I love you !

Jeanie : Can we have more than one soulmates in our lives? 
W     :   Depends.
Jeanie :  On what?
 W    : On your understanding of Soulmates. 
Jeanie :What is a Soulmate to you? 
:  A Soulmate would be one who inspires n ignites in me a Man I haven't seen yet. And for you?
Jeanie : He would be a Man who would treat me not as a woman but a Soul burning with Dreams, Visions and a Fire of inaccessible love.