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First Anniversary

The first year of marriage that too if you are staying in a joint business family - No comments.[:p] The first thing I have learned is to be Polite. I was always quite type which people take for politeness but after marriage I have actually begun to keep two Ps in my life - Politeness and Patience.

Well today just in code words -

1. I miss my home.

2. I miss the way my parents celebrated every occasion.

3. I love my hubby. Despite his tough looks, he is adorable.

4. I want a home of my own.

5. I want a sensible and meaningful life.

That's enough for today. Isn't it. However! it is the time for celebration.Its my Anniversary :) 

Valentine's Day

As the Valentine's Day come
I realize
Love is not a thing to show
a thing to eat
a thing to pray
or a thing to dance with

it is
a word unspoken to yourself
a smile given to no one, but oneself
a good thought for all
and a kiss blown to life

it is
a thing to be felt
at anytime of life
at anyplace in the universe.