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Tit-bits of conscious+unconscious

Maharaj Sadhu Vasvani --
Bhagwaan hamein itni lambi zindagi deta hai lekin hum usse thoda sa waqt bhi nahi dete.

Sudhanshu ji maharaj--
Ashq aakhir ashq hai shabnam nahi,
Dard aakhkir dard hai sargum nahi,
Zindagi ke tyuhaar mein rona mana hai,
Zindagi aakhir zindagi hai maatam nahi.

He who binds himself to a joy,
Doth the winged life destroy
But he who kisses the joy as it flies,
Live’s in eternity’s sunrise.
- William Blake

Love,life and Me

I love him ! Yeah I have fallen in love ( again). From the moment I have seen him , I am thinking about him only, I am not even feeling hungry...its serious,he is my crush ... not like other crushes or loe which come and go but he is something more real , more a sage's soul...getting soulmate's kinda feeling...oopsss.!!!

Achilles a Greek hero - I don't know why like a magnet I attract towards a person like him. I can feel him . He's in me. What's really that? Most of us wants to live another life than this. I am one of them. Though I don't really hate my present life and avtaar In fact I am happy but I know my end is not going to satisy my soul and perhaps I will born again . I will take another birth and if not satisfy I will take many births to live a moment of bliss, to live ages in a moment, to die in the arms of my soulmate, to learn what is love and so on.

I have experienced which perhaps Sarojini Naidu had experienced and expressed in 'The …

Beauty with Brain or Beauty in Vain?

Beauty with Brain or Beauty in Vain?

“hey what a gorgeous girl she is?”… “Wow ! he is so dashing!” …Our eyes naturally turn towards a beautiful thing or a person as if our eyes are programmed to see beauty. And I bet it happens with every human being no matter how much he protests and says he does not give importance to beauty but he would also be captivated by it. So, what would you prefer Beauty with brain or Beauty in vain? Or Whom would you choose a beautiful girl/boy with no sense and virtues or a boy/girl not really beautiful but having real virtues? Obviously I didn’t give the option of Beauty with virtues because then we will choose this only.
I have seen many boys and girls who want a beautiful life partner, in fact I have seen some extreme cases where boy demands to be his wife extremely fair and beautiful. Doesn’t this show how blind beauty worshiper we are? Do you want a person in your life to love , to be loved, and live a blissful happy life or you just want your partner …

What's your gift?

What’s your Gift? : An inspiration from Brida

There is a famous joke we all crack sometimes – Jab Bhagwan akal baant raha tha tab tu so raha tha kya? J Just imagine! If God would have distributed many things before sending us on this earth? No! I am really serious. What if God has given everyone a divine power or a Gift? And do you know what’s your Gift?
Everyone of us is a unique being in a journey called life. Believing in Hindu philosophy , we say that we are born as a human being after taking many births as other species. So aren’t we special and chosen one? We all are very special and possess some extraordinary powers like some people have sixth sense , telepathy , some people can see future through dreams while some people possess healing powers. These powers are waste if we don’t recognize them and use them for good purpose. Some of us don’t know their gifts and thus one of our aim in life should be discovering that unusual gift which is hidden inside us. And after discovering th…

my Soulmate

What letter does your soulmates name begin with?Your Result: It will begin with R robert, ryan, richard, rick, Randall, randolph, raymond, Rodger, Raquel, rachel, rebecca, rennee, rita, robin and many more! R stands for respect. So u will have someone who respects u dearly! What could be better than a relationship full of respect?It will begin with L It will begin with T It will begin with C What letter does your soulmates name begin with?
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KeeP SmilinG :)

Review of Kambakht Ishq in one line ---

Wanna learn all sorts of abuses ... watch out this movie !!!

----------------Rakhi ka Swayamvar-----------------------
The cheapest reality show Awrad goes to --- Rakhi ka Swayamvar.

What do people think about this??? :)

for myself!

Tumhe jab mile fursat
Mere dil se bojh utar do
Mein bahut dino se udas hu,
Mujhey koi shaam udhar do,
Kisi ko mere haal se nahin hai waasta,
Mein bikhar gaya hu mujhey samet lo sawaar do,
Mujhey apne roop ki dhoop do ki chamak sake mera rang roop,
Mujhey apne rang mein rang do,
Mere saarey rang utaar do.

Its my favourite gazal.One of my friend sent it to me in message. I love it!