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S.J. - It is all a circle, you come to the point where you are meant to, no matter what way you choose.

As soon as you get what you had prayed for, you tend to be unthankful and complaining. You wonder, what if you had chosen another option ? But nothing makes any difference. You just circle around and reach at the point where you are meant to. No matter what way you choose. S.J broods about human behavior and how it is never contented with anything. The clouds are very low today , the weather very serene and ... was uneventful life when you could just dream without having the risk of any outcomes in the real world better ?  The world out there is dark , grey , shadowy ... the only solace in this world of crowd is her own heart ...
" will I be able to love him...surrender myself...?" S.J looked away, her mind was clattering hard but her heart tried to calm the voices of her mind... her heart said, " no past no future just live in the moment... just live the clouds live the green hills life the empty road just live the going on and on ... " 
You know wat its very funny
you wake up in the morning with a weird feeling
that you had been sleeping very long
and all that happened till now
just a dream