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A thought blended with feelings

Its quite a news that we got a preety yellow rose flower in our garden patch. I guess last time we had rose in our garden was when we brought them at our home. After that in so many years we didn't see any rose , we thought our land was cursed :) However, it was a lovely flower and I noticed it first. That day I was so happy. I welcomed the Rose and kissed him. And now when I saw it after few days I realised he was breathing his last breaths perhaps he was going to die soon. I bid him goodbye again kissing him .

I wish our lives would also have been short and sweet just like the flower's and butterflies' who spread their beauty, fragrance,and smiles all around, making their life worthy . And yeah they spread Love also, the core thing of whole universe and of my scraps also :)Wish you a lovely day!

Happy Friendshipday!!! :)

Helloooooooo guys!!! WIsh A very very Happy Friendship Day!!! Hope you choose and make best relations on this world who will fill your life with happiness and love.
I am really lucky as I got such a nice friends. Love you all ... miss you all ... Swati , Siddhika , Shivangi , Neha , Nidhi , Ritu infact all buddies who were in my life and gave me love and support.Thanks for being in my life!

And yeah I forgot to include some of really nice friends as well as strangers -- Shadab , Lincoln , Pankaj , Taran , Joy , N yeah my dear Grand dad Bruno. Love you people. Hope we stick together , do enjoy and yeah help each other always.