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I am not a fish !

All my life I didn’t do anything than dreaming. And the tragedy is, I feel contrary to my dreams. For example – I dream to be a great poet, writer. But I feel I am a better critic than a writer itself. Another one is – I dream to have a royal job where I don’t have to do much and get a fat salary but I feel I am better at challenges and management. Whew!

So, I decide, no matter I run after getting a fat-salary-job, I would do my best to keep alive my other talents. I had some school-time-dreams like – Opening a Club, Being an editor of a quarterly or periodical. Seriously…! These are my childish dreams. But I see them fulfilling in near future.

Yo! I have already opened a Club. The name is – LOL (Live Our Life) Another instant name like My-World. Well !

All I know is – I am not born to live inside four walls. I am not an Aquarium Fish. I am born to be a Name. I am. 

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vibhu VS said…
Live your life king size :) you are doing fine

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The other day
you talked about
Pets and strange names
So I too found a name
For my lil kitten

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I praised you
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My Krishna!
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