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Garnier's Pure Active Neem Face Wash : A genuine product for oily skin

What a fabulous topic to write! Thanks to Garnier and Indiblogger to give us a chance to discuss what is generally not discussable. Pimples! and not just pimples, it is moreover dull, deadly, uneven skin which makes people ask -are you not well? are you sleepy ? mood off? eh ! so irritating. It does not matter you are a housewife and stay at home all day long, your skin goes so dusty by night. People say, do not use soap, cosmetics or try any new brand but what is one supposed to do then?

Now a days you do not dream to look like beauty queens Madhubala , Madhuri or Marlyn . You are just fine if you look like yourself. When you watch Ndtv Goodtimes' Band Baja and Bride , you wish if you could also go through the ideal Cindrella's make over. But that is not for all. Being a middle class  average looking girl , you have to discover a magic wand for yourself.

Neem Face Wash - Product Image
Acquiring the traditional ayurveda knowledge , you know that for oily skin Neem is the ideal remedy. Earlier people would grind the neem leaves and apply it on face. But who has got so much time these days? Then why not try Neem facewash available in the market? It is a tested and tried formula no.1. I have oily skin and if for some days continually I do not apply cleanser and toner in the night , it gets worse and develop pimples. The most beneficial thing is neem face wash , easy to use and no side effects. It is the same old formula now made handy for us.

There are innumerable brands in he market of cosmetics but have you tried Garnier? Garnier's Pure Active Neem Face Wash is a very genuine product. It contains Neem leaf and Tea Tree Oil extracts. Tea Tree oil is effective in a variety of dermatological conditions including dandruff, acne and other skin infections. Apply Garnier Neem face wash five times a day or at least three times that is - morning , afternoon and before sleep and you would find a clean and clear skin with less pigmentation than ever.

If you are using any other Neem face wash, I am sure you would like to try Garnier once. Here you go - . Just have a look , and who knows you may also find your magic wand?


vibhu VS said…
Thats great piece of work :)

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