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I don't know whether the blotches, cut marks, pockmarks and spots were by birth on his face. But his face looked slightly uneven. Though I am not the niggler who would just sit back and pass petty remarks on people's beauty and behavior. But still if you believe me, it was hard to look at him and then look again at him.

Since I was the headmistress of this small town's very own small school, I asked his class teacher about him. And what I found was a little sad fact, indeed. When he was very young, about two years, he was running with older kids and accidentally fell over an iron fence in his farm. And, thus he lost all his beauty. Yes, he was born a very beautiful baby. The most beautiful among his relations. And so, it spread in the whole town that there is definitely somebody who did something upon him when he was born. Later, they all said, it was an 'evil eye'. So he was put up with stark black kohl in his eyes and a black thread around his neck always, in spite of his present looks.

Everyday I looked at this boy. He was a curious chap. Curious, for most part, about mysterious things. His questions always intrigued his teachers and so he was brought to me whenever he remained unanswered. I remember, one day he stood shying and giggling outside my office. I asked him to come in, then, speak up his query. He asked, if devil with five big teeth, as shown in the story book, really exists? I could not think whether to  laugh at his question or ask him to get out. But he looked grave now. I thought for some five minutes and then said, devil and angels exist inside us only. When we behave kind, forgiving, selfless we are angels and when we behave opposite, we are devils with five big teeth. He looked at me without a blink. Next moment, he was happy with explanation and went away.

Another day, he came to me, with much friendliness and asked, am I ugly? I was startled at his innocence. Not ready for such question, I replied what my heart said, no... no you are not ugly, you are just... differently beautiful. Doesn't it mean, I am ugly? He probed further. I looked at him now. His dark coarse uneven face shone like the light of moon's surface. His eyes were twinkling like stars. He looked like night. Or night's beloved son. I knew someday he was going to be a great philosopher. But I didn't tell him this. I said, go it's time for your next class.


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The other day
you talked about
Pets and strange names
So I too found a name
For my lil kitten

I named her Guilt.

When she broadens her
Big blue eyes
As if pleading
I feel so watery
I don't want her to leave
And she finds me anyway
To play the secret games,
We both are loyal.

I am loyal to my lil Guilt.
I am!

My Blind Date with Unexpected

The journey of love takes you to the unexpected, always. Because it gives you courage to  overcome your fears and fly over trivial weaknesses of your mind, body and soul. Love takes you to the unknown depths of your soul, shows a mirror to your deepest emotions and calls on to a flight higher than your expectations.
P. S.  - With you, I have been to many places, I have never been before. With you, I have loved myself, as I have never done before. With you, I am myself, I hope you too. I love you.

With you
You take me to the places
No one has taken me before
To the strangest architecture
Of myths around the world
To the deeper and deeper
Meanings of words and thoughts
shared between us
To the myriad creations
Of unusual exceptional artists
To the thrilling flavors n aromas
Of beauties of entire world
To the pricks and cramps
Of love and longing
To the high tide oceans
Of desires never fulfilled ... And
I am awed to see how
varied signs appear and inter- play
To form a fresh…

My Krishna

When I saw
What was not given to me
I complained to you
When I saw
What was given to me
I praised you
Was I not enlightened,
When I praised you
Was I not you
When I tried to be yours
Was I not found by you
When I was lost

I am only yours
My Krishna!
I am only yours!