Saturday, April 2, 2016

Know when you need new Friends

I miss those times when six years back we used to walk on the terrace and talk heart to heart, soul to soul. The impression of my hostel days still remain dark on my heart. I miss such a friend in my life with whom I can talk and discuss all things close to human development. But does such friendship last forever?

I don't know this yet. We have Watsapp, Facebook etc but they do not ensure warmth of any relationship. I think we all do have our Journeys, and we keep meeting new co-travelers. This is what I truly love about this Journey called Life.

Whom we even think are our best-est buddies, may be there in our lives for short period. In our journey when we feel we are on Fast Development Mode, our some friends might get left behind. And then we begin to feel the void, and an urge to have a friend with whom we could share our Development Progress or Experiences of  our Journey.

There, I guess, we feel the yearning to make New Friends. Those who have similar experiences, consciously on their Development Journey or may be ahead of us in terms of Progress.

And, Truly, one can't live without honest, encouraging and inspiring friends. So, Know when you really need new Friends and don't hesitate to Move Forward.

with Smiles ! :)

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