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I am star of the Sky ...

I am star of the Sky that sees no Limit
I break
I fall
and yet 
When I shine I outshine all the Light ...

Happy Birthday Angel  :)

Green Angel Painting

I often doubt, am I really an angel. Several times I attributed to myself the titles like - Stone Angel, Dark Angel or Fallen Angel - but I could never prick out the fact that I am not an Angel. Why? Why am I an angel? And then it says from deep down, "you don't have to find a reason for what you are."

Around 5.20 am , she asked me, "Won't you wish something today?" , I looked up at the dark clouds for a sec , smiled and then nodded hard, " I would , I would , I would." and then I said, " aasmaan ka ek katra , aur wo hissa jisme mera birghtest star ho."  

When we wished each other, my mom blessed me with the words, " zindagi ke sahi matlab samjho... ek din samajh jaogi.. aur tab tak samjhna jaari rakhna..." 

I am feeling grateful for everything. Everything is so wonderful. 

When I was all alone for two hours in the morning , I watched Big Fish (2003). Really, there could not have been any other Perfect day to watch it. All was planned? Eh... honestly, I could not get the intended meaning out of the movie. I am not in hurry. I believe it will reveal itself to me gradually. 

The movie begins with the words, " There are some fish that cannot be caught. It's not that they're faster or stronger than other fish. They're just touched by something extra. "

And then... "You become what you always were - a very big fish. "

(Something that I had been thinking about in the morning. Isn't that strange? Things you chose turn out to be the Things that chose you. )

And then I played the game that I mostly do. I chose a character for me, on its first appearance. Actually the girl's name had been Jenny , so I thought, " Ah! She is me. Lets see now what's her role in the story, and that would be mine. That would be a surprise." And... it actually turned out to be a surprise. Initially I had thought, perhaps she doesn't have any prominent role in the movie, but later... I was surprised by her story.

When the Jenny is 8 and Ed Bloom is 18 , she tells him - 

Little Jenny from Big Fish
Young Jenny: Promise me you'll come back 
Young Ed Bloom: I promise. Someday. When I'm really supposed to. 

When later she narrates the story to Will Bloom, Ed Bloom's son, she says, " First time he came early , next time, too late." Next time he comes when both are married. 

Jenny: I loved a man who could never love me back. I was living in a fairytale. 

Eh ! Jeanie, wouldn't it be your favorite quote  -  Senior Ed Bloom:  Sometimes, the only way to catch an uncatchable woman is to offer her a wedding ring. 

And to sum up about the movie. Well it was not 'ME' , not completely 'ME' , but here you find one bit of Me -  

Senior Ed BloomTruth is, I've been thirsty my whole life. Never really known why.

Am I pretending not to be thirsty, these days? Ogh... One who has seen me on the terrace every morning wouldn't ever question that :)

Anywayz, I had planned to blog in the night. But that doesn't matter. Does it? : ) 

hello sunshine ❀
for you, love of my lifetime :)

Mom ! I still can't decide, whether I am yours or you are my SunShine? You are the true light, that has guided me at every point, only I regret, I realized it too late. But its neva too late right? Not had been with me in your case. I am so so so glad , God gave me this chance to stay with you and feel like - a lil girl again With loads of Love , Wish you a Happy Birthday Mom :)

P.S. - Do you think, I can forget to thank you my dear Blog? :) Why ! I would be so Lonely without you. You are my window to the Second World. Love you and thank you for being with me all way long. 
And yeah...  Its such a beautiful day. Isn't it?  :) 

Love and Memories !!


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday.......Jeanie!!!
NUKTAA said…
many wishes Dear @ngel!!!
@ngel ~ said…
Thank you...... !!! :P
@ngel ~ said…
Thank you dear Kapil :)

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