Thursday, January 28, 2010

Girls Hostel : An Inside Story 2

I know people are so restless these days that they won't be interested to know how I met this little girl and get to know some secrets of her hostel... so I directly take u to her hostel...and repeating the story which she told us - 

It is a huge hostel where two classes live together - 8th n 7th. The environment is normal like all other hostels. I ask this little girl to take her to her room but she denies n pleads to go outside... me n Swati are puzzled!
Okay we came outside the hostel... she is not looking in our eyes... we both are more curious... finally Swati breaks the ice - What happened ? Why are you so scared?  She is still quiet ... "Tell us na if there is any problem". She is looking here and there.. after a moment she gathers some strength and says - "Nahi kuch nahi didi... " Huh! Me and Swati both feel irritated but we force her so much that she agrees to tell her about the secret.

She tells us - "If the senior who likes me would have seen you then she would think that you are my "Didi" and torture me. " "Arey! Torture? Why? Keh dena na ki hain wo didi hamari bas ismein kya ho gaya." " Nahi ! wo wali didi nahi..." " Toh aur kaun si didi hoti hai? Hum dono tumse bade hain to tumhari didi hi hue na" And the little girl is so irritated that she sits down and says aap nahi samjhoge." Oh my God! I think its some serious issue... I ask her to open her heart and trust us... Swati asks her through her magical words and so the little girl explains us - "Yahan sab didi - behan ka rishta nibhate hain... koi bhi ek senior aapko behan bana leti hai n she takes care of u ... aur agar koi aur senior bhi aapko pasand kar le to dono mein ladaiyan hoti rehti hai" .... Wait wait wait!! I am all confused! I look at Swati and we both are in a fix ... but anyhow we try to understand this girl and asks her again ' " So you want to say that it is a kind of relationship between you and the senior ? " "haan!" was a short reply of the girl. "OK" ... I dont have courage to ask her about physical relationship... But I can imagine that... !!!!!!!!!!! 

Now we are back in our hostel... We never realized that there exists two different worlds in Banasthali itself. But this thing was not funny and stupid like the thing which happens in the hostels of grown up girls. It was more grave and sombre. I was wondering what impression this thing will make on these mild minds? What about their healthy childhood? Who is responsible for all these things? .....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Girl's Hostel : An Inside story 1


"iiiieeeyaaakk Man! I dont believe it !". "What happened?" " You know that 'gal' what she said to me?" "What?? " "She made up some story ..and and ..." "Aree come to the point what she said?" "She said she loves me because I look like her former gf" /////////

I was shocked to hear this --- my r00mie's experience .... Later, after six months when I went back at my home...mumma gave me some hint....(she was serious...wanted to talk about this ) ... I got the Signal... and moved out (from conversation and room as well) silently..!!! Coz now I knew myself --- These "Bullshit" things happen in Girl's Hostel... But truly speaking if I would have known this fact ... I definitely wouldn't expect this to happen in Banasthali at least--- 

First year revealed many secrets of hostel life to us... It was like an adventurous tour where we discovered one by one hideous things....  But Thank God! It was not like one of the most defame Udaipur's Girls Hostel... aahhh.!!!

Rumor Land Banasthali churned out many rumors everyday ... I dont have any record how many were true stories or fake one... But in few cases  I was an eye witness :P 

One of my hostel mate (who lived few doors away from my room) ... she tried to commit suicide -- Reason -- She was so tensed by her love life ( Probably she had two Gfs... Both were possessive for her...) She was so good looking , cute ... even she was in female cricket team of India against Sri Lanka match... Surprised!!! ??? :P well whatever banasthalities are they are really Talented!!! 

The environment of Banasthali was not bad (on surface) ... you would look cheerful faces around you ... and spot couples (friends) sitting , walking and studying... but few couples were more than friends... But obviously nobody was certain about them ... I think it all happened because of too much restriction... obviously if it would have been co-ed .... nobody would be having Gfs :P

Till 3rd year ,somehow we had quiet accepted this phenomena of Hostel life... but one day I realized how complicate things were and had become... One girl was rusticated from the college because of her habit of drinking and smoking and I heard that she was mentally not well ( She was Devdas.type Gf...Possessive , Depressed uuff..whatever! She proposed my two friends ... (dunno what she saw in them :P ) but yeah she created so many problems in their life... Dunno how many Gfs she already had ... and you won't believe she is still in Hunt of one of my friend ! Lolz

Well.... we finally passed out ... escaped from these things... But as they look funny in "Zoom Out" ... they are much more complicated when look as "Zoom in" ...!!! I have seen it from close quarters...
I will share this too.... The graveness of complicated relationships from an early age of 10-14 yrs...!!! 
So, again to be continued!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Girls Hostel : An Inside Story

At this point in my life , when I look back I just wonder how could I live in a girl's hostel that too for three whole years.... OMG! I didnt want to, I confess here but I had no option , I didnt realize how it all came to me but after 12th I landed on a different Space on this earth called - Banasthali Vidhyapeeth. Girls and specially their Bfs would call it - Tihar Jail :D but parents were very happy and relaxed to see that their daughters are safe at this place(jail) . No doubt , I love banasthali , but after coming out of that place. When I was there I used to feel as if there is no life beyond these high walls.. there exists no other world than this world... though Thanks to my friends (swati , shivi , neha , nidhi , pooja n all of u ....) who made me feel that no we are still Young :P
Whatever! well I was going to share some of my observations of Girl's hostel as I have seen it from close quarters , so lets see some Universal facts though its more particularly applicable on Banasthalities

  1. Girls more fight for Bathroom than for a seat in Classroom .
  2. Gossiping and Rumors are integral part of their life.
  3. Show off in apparels and accessories are Necessary. 
  4. Like boys they can never form a Group - they divide in couples... of course not every couple mean that.  
  5. They will rarely help another girl in academics.
  6. Girls start losing shame when living in a girl's hostel.
  7. And believe me they can be more cheap among their friends than boys.
  8. And And And ... what??? Do you think I will talk about censored issues? Yeah but that I will do in second part of this story :P
 I think I have enough betrayed the Hostel Mates... !!! 
To be continued.... ;)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Did you thank God today ...?

From past few days I have been writing on somber subjects but life is not wholly a tragic play , it is in fact a Tragi-comic play ... so this time I am going to write a light post in which I will talk about a Universal Fact and that is - " You never want (like) what you have." 

How does it work? 

Yesterday I was telling my sister that - "Didi marriage se pehle ek baar mujhey Blonde bf banana hai :P " now what's this? I am always crazy about blonde guys... I wanna know them , know their thought process etc etc... and see there are many whites who want an Indian girl or boy... they don't like their white skin... they want to settle down in India while most of Indians go outside for "A better Future". uuff... see I don't (want) what I already have ... Indian boys... :D  This is nothing 2-3 days back... I was looking at a girl's hairs (in literary fest.) and I was like Oh my God... wow... I wish I had such beautiful hairs... and then next day my sister exclaimed - Oh gosh! what  lovely hairs u have ... I wish I had such volume in my hairs...!!!! Great ! I replied - common Swati likes ur hairs... n u don't like ur own... 
I didn't realize same thing is applicable on me too. :D

Old generation already knew this Fact so they would say - "apni thaali men ghee sabhi ko kam hi dikhta hai." or "sabhi ko dusre ki thaali ka khaana jyada achha lagta hai."

I just want to ask why this happen? Why we don't like /appreciate/love what we already have? Why don't we look at those people who even don't have what we have? Why don't you thank God when you wake up instead complaining him for not listening your prayers?

Ohhh... so many questions!! I didn't mean to raise them over here... but its too bad , isn't it? God gives us so much... at least we should thank God ... hai na? :)
No probs! its never too late for a good deed... Thank God for everything he gave you... !!!! 


Friday, January 15, 2010

Whole floor was red with my Blood ... tears had stopped flowing... but my vision was still blurred ... and I was gasping for breath ... you came suddenly running and shouting something (which I couldn't understand) ... I faintly smiled.... you were holding  me in your arms ... your touch soothed all my pains...Believe me it could be the best moment to die... As you kissed my forehead and your tears fall down on my lips and eyes.... I closed my eyes and uttered few words of prayer and called gently the Angel of Death...

I had almost fainted ....but still I could hear sounds of sirens and traffic off and on ....and felt your touch as you were holding my hands and pressing the cut which I made there ... My heart as if suddenly jumped , eyes opened and behold your face last time , lips shivered and uttered the first letter of your name ----------- 

One chapter closed,
One show did end,
The Drama but 
Still goes on
And Audience
Always remain.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is it so strange?

To be obsessed with self-love ?
To love nature so much?
To find special always in normal thing?
To sing in Autumn the songs of Spring?

Is it so strange?

To talk to the moon and brightest star?
To feel the chilly winds against cheek ?
To imagine the doomsday?
To always think about God's way?

Is it so strange?

To wake up suddenly with dancing zeal?
To talk to yourself in public?
To feel a sudden moment of Divine bliss?
To want a friend for Happy day's kiss?

Is it so strange?

To walk on the ground bare-feet?
To look in the eyes of sun?
To cry for no reason?
To laugh without any happy season?

Is it so strange?

To hear those cursed invisible cry?
To feel a fear lurking inside heart?
To wake up in the mid-night and pray late?
To dream about love and your soul mate?

Is it so strange?...

It is strange,
And strange so much,
That one lives one life
Yet bears two hearts,
Live at one place at one time,
Yet live in world's two different parts.

A Vision- after 20 yrs...

When on one afternoon , after twenty years , I would be sitting in veranda of my home ; a typical old structured house in a quiet colony , where only once or twice you hear the voices of howling of vegetable - sellers or the shrill voices of crows now and then ; what I would be thinking? In which world I would be lost?

Will I be wondering that how time quickly flies? Or will I be missing something at that time - the gaiety of youth and the fancy innocent age? Or will I be writing something for my blog in my leisure hours? May be I will develop some kind of hobby or interest like - writing letters to all my friends or making paper-greeting cards ; which I always wanted to do ; and send them to my loved ones?

My vision can not foretell what I will be doing after twenty years but at present moment I just wish for my future that when I look back in time , I feel privileged and thank Almighty for such a beautiful life and love myself and my life more ( in real sense that I fear death no more.)

For lines on vision of future -

At present some angelic innocence lingers upon me,
So love,beauty,God and Nature fills my universe,
And my mature vision reveals upon me thus,
That I will live in many hearts as a sweet verse.

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