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Expectations were filled in with air so the balloons did not raise high enough. But kids shrieking with joy, women excited to buy everything in exchange of their frustration, men trying to escape the  cacophony of busy mall and their mind, everything looked so unmistakably perfect on new year's eve.

She refused to wake up from this day dream. A voice still rang in her ears, " Don't play with Relationships." I am not, I am not... She closed her ears as if to shun all voices away. She checked her mobile. There was no New Year message. Surprised? She was not. She exhaled with utmost effort. Emptiness.  "I am going away ", She typed.

Erased. She could not say Goodbye. Even though, she did not intend to go anywhere.


When I had to choose
one among
A, B, C and D
And I didn't know the answer
I would close my eyes
And randomly put my finger
On any one
But would still go with
what my heart said next moment. Free will, destiny and Karma
Made me wonder
Whether choice matters?
Or do we always get to choose
When choices are available?
The matter of choice is
Just a matter of an illusion.
Or may be to some, like Frost,
And for those who take a step,
It makes all the difference.


He feels her
He describes...
He is honest about her
I look at him from distance
Fearing she might find me again
To be true, I know her
She is a childhood friend
But she became awkward with me
You... Understand...??
When such a mate becomes awkward
You need to run away from yourself. I sometimes
look back and realize
She wasn't all bad and I didn't
Need to feel guilty
It's just that the
childhood friends are weird
but are better secret keepers
than those
You discover later in life.
I love her, anyway
I will meet her soon.

Incredible Ingredients

Sitting on the bench of society's park, she looked at the hustle-bustle of children playing in the evening. "Didn't he speak to you today as well?" Granny was taken aback, as tiya whispered in her ears. "No", it came out from her deep experienced eyes fixed at nowhere. The sun was not in hurry today. The daylight seemed to crawl on the lush green carpet.The park was small but systematic with a couple of swings and slopes and a jogging track. People of the society enjoy their evening time in the park everyday. "Where are you granny?" said tiya shaking granny's fragile shoulders.
"My dear... I am listening to you."
"Why don't you teach mogu a good lesson? Shall I complain to dad about his rough attitude?"
"No tiya... He is only 11 yr old and he doesn't know what he is doing and why he is doing that."
"But he shouldn't talk to you that way Granny."
"I know my dear. You know what, my gr…

Moon and you

A little white
In the pool of darkness The moon reminds me of you
As you add a little extra sugar
To my tea everyday,
I remind you of
Everything white. A little white
We are both to each other.
In the pool of darkness...


"Here is that photo", and he showed me the grand family photo of my parents and their son and daughter-in-law, in the middle of the decorated wall of living room. I felt a sudden suffocation in my throat. It was my absence from that photo, I thought at first. And then I suddenly realized I was not even informed of my brother's wedding. My parents had made an excuse that it was a very private affair and we left everything on the wish of couple. "Didn't you like it?" my brother interrupted my thoughts and I swallowed a lot more like cough, which you try hard to throw out but then suddenly you swallow it inside. I forced a quick smile and muttered, "Oh! I absolutely loved it."  And I had really loved the minute details it portrayed : the proud look of dad, the always-overwhelming look of mom, the stubborn look of brother and the not-really-so-submissive look of my sister-in-law. After a penetrated look at the photo, now I was relieved that I was abse…


Sara stood at the tiny wooden gate of her parent's home. She looked around and inhaled a deep breath as if to tell herself, "nothing has changed." The sun was setting slowly behind the ugly walls of old  buildings. Children of all age were playing on the road. Elderly women were gossiping outside the mandir's otala (sitting area)."Oh!" her granny was also seated among the ladies. Trying to escape her glance and her unending awkward questions, she hopped inside that tiny gate. In a bustling house, full of inmates, could one remain unloved, lonely? No it was no time to think negative. She had come home after eight years and meanwhile she didn't stay in touch with any member except her little niece Neyu who wouldn't let her fall apart. Everybody formally asked her how she was. Her parents, though didn't break the ice yet. So she felt painfully chilled inside her body. During the evening tea and chatter, someone asked her in low voice, Maa and papa …


My eyes have tired
Looking for you krishna!
Vaidya says,
"there's no cure for
Such tired eyes",
He says, "Radhe !
There's no cure for restlessness." I close my eyes
And to my surprise
you are there !
"Have you gone too far?
Or have you come too close?
Your leela !
I don't understand, krishna!"There is much pleasure
In looking for you
With my tired eyes,
There is much fulfillment
Even in the restlessness.


How does a sin smell like?
Tell me,
'coz you ask me,
How did being adult happen?So,
Did you smell it in your 10th grade?
Or when you were in hostel
Away from home?I smelled it in my third grade
Was it early?
Was it then
I stepped into adulthood? The truth is
I never felt like a child
I never felt unsecured
I never felt ...
A thousand innocent things
I was always an adult
Mindful of the smell and taste and
Birth of a Sin.

A lie

You are a lie Snailing on my body Slow and slow  In circular motion Then you stop  At exact location  Changing colors In between  And shades too Of ur love You call it love?  I laugh inside  But remain untouched.  I become a lie With Each  Stroke  Of your finger.

Light House

I forgot everything
You said to me
Three years backI forgot even
How did we meet first
Or when and where?I forgot all
We did, share, dare
In past monthsI Remember only...
I Remember you
Only you...I Remember you
As a Light house
Standing tall
With a gleam of


"How Farhan and Mom met?" "I told you Kyra, people always meet you through destiny. It is always the soul-connection that some people happen to come as if from nowhere and remain always close to your heart.""OKAY! And what happened next, tell me everything."The curious daughter of Sejal wanted to know everything right away. After all she was amazed to know that her mother is a friend of famous business tycoon Farhan Aziz. "" Well... They met through a common friend but they grew so fond of each other that our Sejal who would not open up to anyone would talk to Farhan for hours and hours. One day Farhan proposed her. But she chose another guy over him. They remained best friends as ever. Eventually they got married and had beautiful kids... See yourself. " And Namrita kissed Kyra on cheeks. "But mausi why mom refused him?" "I had asked her same question and she told me that...let me put it in her words. She said, ' I love …


Sheesham was in kitchen, counting the whistles of cooker, kneading the dough and boiling vegetable, all through she wondered why would there come days when she did not like to do anything at all.
It does happen with many people, yeah... But...
Sheesham saw her sisters, other acquaintances, elderly women...all seemed so self-satisfied. Could she be different? More self-indulgent? And one day, she was caught up with a word 'Ambitious'. She was reminded of all the heroines, fictitious and real, who were ambitious, who believed in their true worth.
That night she tried to speak to her husband. She said hesitantly, "I want to do something..." And she saw a huge, grand, leafy tree emerged, grew and grew so tall in the eyes of her husband... She closed her eyes with fear and wished earnestly not to become if to make them belittle in their eyes.
And, it's a sin to be tallest in the community of dwarfs, she told herself later.


The other day
you talked about
Pets and strange names
So I too found a name
For my lil kitten

I named her Guilt.

When she broadens her
Big blue eyes
As if pleading
I feel so watery
I don't want her to leave
And she finds me anyway
To play the secret games,
We both are loyal.

I am loyal to my lil Guilt.
I am!