Monday, August 26, 2013

S.J. - celebrating the moment, as it is

Sheena got perplexed , when S.J. muttered something looking out of the window, that whether S.J. is happy about her new life or no. Just as Sheena tried to ask something, S.J. smiled faintly and begun to say, as if talking to herself, " No it is never as you imagine. Its like, when you imagine to go worse, everything goes great. And as you imagine everything to be perfect, there comes a bad time. So what is this all for? Doesn't it tell you that Today, this Moment is Perfect. It is as it should be. It is meant to Celebrate as it is. Because there is no sense in looking for something else than what we have at present. If we are lonely, we might want some company. And when we have company we might want to be alone. What sense is in it? Always looking for something else. Always being unsatisfied. Always fretting and getting irritated, complaining and being unhappy.... there is no sense in living this way. "

Sheena not knowing what to say was just wondering what had happened with S.J... is she again going through...
"Don't give me that look, I am perfectly fine. I was just thinking about 'emotional detachment' and 'celebrating the moment' and ... much more... you see I am very very happy... yesternight I was able to live one hour of my past life... "as I used to be" - waking up at midnight from sleep, looking at the road lights, covering up myself, remembering good old moments from my life and writing down some important notes ... yesternight was incredible. "

Sheena smiled... now she had no doubts. She knew her crazy friend...if she did what she said, she was really fine... more than fine in fact...

Monday, August 5, 2013

Being Grown-up means...

t is like this when you grow up - - - you spend a whole day in two slides. One , the past running in your mind - as memories, good or bad. Two, the present, which you actually pass like a vapor and eventually put it into Category One for the coming few months. 

Being a Grown-up means - you fight hard to Live in Present and you struggle hard to keep up with your silly-starry dreams.

You have grown-up when you realize at one point - - - oh this is for kids, this is not like a Grown-up. 

But I don't hate Growing-up... One good ball in the court-of Grown-ups is - they get to Act like Responsible. :) And I dont completely hate it ;)

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

I will go on..

lia meliasiren song

I don't care even if my people, the ones whom I call mine, 
will not take part in the celebration of life, I will go on...

It is not just the 'Celebration' of life, 
it is 'Celebration of ideas , of attitude, of God's grace ' ,
it is in fact 'Celebration of celebrate' , if no one comes, I'll go on...

I will go on, and at each turn, at each height, I will look for them,
I will call their names, I will sing to them
And if still no one comes,
I will go on... will go on to celebrate
the beauty of life.

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