Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Gender Issue

This was the cruelest wound ever. Lets understand it this way , till I did not conceive everyone wished I should have a baby, and when I did , they prayed it should be a boy. And when it was a girl, there was more sighs in the air than laughs.

No it is not a whole truth. The truth is, my hubby was so happy to see his girl that the tears roll down his cheeks when he first saw her. My father in law was perhaps the least happy person. Even my Mother in law seemed too happy, because she has no girl child and she missed it so much in her life.

Living in a joint family all these three years I realized, the society has changed but not that much. Boy-girl issue is still there even in educated families. Before marriage I had never thought that I would face such things after marriage. No wonder, joint family teaches you everything and makes you mature before time.  

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