Wednesday, July 29, 2015


S.J. couldn't stop laughing when Ree (an old friend from an old school) told her why they were actually Like-minded (because both felt Same in the Same situations.) Ree was sharing her mixed experiences after marriage. 

S.J. asked playfully , " Is it tough Ree?"

"As unexpected, yes it is," gravely Ree replied.

"Oh... what bothers you dear." 

" I don't know. It feels like Life has come to an end. I am not living for myself. All dreams have shed. I have totally changed. I care less, I live less, I dream nothing. I am in comma I guess." 

"Oh stop it. Look ! You are not changed. You have just grown up. Like after passing School , you have jumped into the college. That may be different, weird at times, but its not actually bad. "

S.J. saw Ree was not convinced, she was lost. For a second, in a flashback moment, S.J. recalled how she had cope up with her own changed situations after marriage. May be every girl goes through it but you are not every girl, your dreams, desires, fantasies and therefore expectations might be different from others.  Coming back to the present, S.J. smiled and hugged Ree and said,  "Ree you know what,  We think that life gets over after marriage, having children, getting retired or with the death of someone very close. But that's not true. Life is always there, showing itself in some moments. The moments in which you can hear yourself, you can talk to the person you were Always, you can live your existence and in half of a mere second you know who you are and why you are here. And you can only reach to your MOMENT if you are well connected to your Soul - after all - only she knows the secrets - what you were, what you are , what you supposed to be and what you Have to be.  Ree everybody gets the answer, only few dare to follow them." 

There was a light in S.J's eyes when she paused and looked at Ree.

 "And when was your last ... moment?" asked Ree as if not believing S.J.

 "Yesterday ... I let the raindrops soothe my burning desires, my dreams that didn't fulfill, my regrets that burn me deep. That was my moment when I lived my true self ... self unleashed. In that MOMENT I knew, whatever my name is on this earth, I am an Angel - Born to reach the true Heights." There was still light in S.J's eyes, when she looked up at the cloudy sky ready to pour down.


Weather is beautiful

Weather is so beautiful now. High winds and raining since 5 days nonstop. No work, no studies, just lie down and watch out the window. Dreams , fantasies, ideas... Oh yes! I wrote one more short-film  script, after our first effort turned out to be pretty cool.

I love this weather, it's so inspiring. Stories, comes out in the words. Pain, ecstasy, all raw emotions can be felt in just one single day.

I had a dream. I still think of it sometimes. That someday I would live on a high green hill, close to nature , in a natural way.

May be some day!

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