Thursday, December 11, 2014

The end of S.J. and the beginning of Oj

"One thing you always miss?" Her dear friend asked S.J. , when they met after a long time.
" A dream."
"And what is that?"
" It includes everything I don't have."
" always talk in codes...could you explain that?
"Of course...I want to ... the dream from the past...and he ...and freedom... a world with no rules... unusual talents... spirit..purpose ."
" well ... i get all but what is 'me from the past' ?
"I was not S.J. always.... long ago I was so innocent with a darkness always lingering upon but I was still innocent ... I was then called, Jennie.  I miss her, you can't imagine how much I miss being called Jennie, with love. Anyways, I have come so far. I have chosen a different destiny. In fact, sometimes I feel I have become someone other than S.J. "
"hey...what are you talking about ? Are you even in your senses?"
"...yeah...yeah I am. I am not Once I had changed from Jennie so I took up a name S.J. and now ....I must change my name...something which identifies with what I have become now. "
"Oh.... what it should be?"
" It is Oj. .... is what I am now. A burning self, a flame... I am at the new beginning of my life. I am facing new and more difficult challenges.I am coming across all new and more serious questions of life. And most importantly, I am being more real. So I take a part of my real name, and begin a new journey about which I have no idea all I hope is - it ends well. "
" I am speechless."
"Let me hug you then..." said  Oj and with a satisfying smile hugged sheena.

{ There is an age for everything. For angels, fairies and dreamworld. And for the reality, hardships and misery. Between these two opposites - I choose myself, my beliefs and my world.}

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