Tuesday, November 19, 2013

S.J - Pray

It was a strange morning. In fact a strange day. It started all mysterious , a kind of you can call an omen. But through out the day she fought with her mental miseries, spiritual... loop-holes , if I can call that, and if you can still understand the gravity of it.

"I wish I had been earning." S.J. kept muttering it all evening. And at the end a tiny-soft echo was heard in the sky , " Are you not earning? Earning enough of values - patience, tolerance, acceptance !!! what not ! They are priceless. And so what you have earned is also Priceless. No one can take it away from you. It will neither destroy nor change. It will only grow and grow more with each moment. "
"Enough of that ! I don't want it. I am a simple human being." S.J. cried out.
"Oh really ! I thought you will never forget who you are. A sweet angel. A true warrior princess and..."
"Stop it please. You know its the most important period in life. I want everything perfect. I want all good things I have ever dreamed about."
"You know what... sometimes you can't help it. But I know a way, which is always there, no matter what kind of a problem it is - the one ready solution is - Pray. Whatever you need, just ask from God. And... if there is a want in your life ( or if you feel there is one - because you might be expecting so much) that's a sign God wants your Attention. And so go to God. GTG haan ! Simple as that. "
"Woooo.... you talk well - you are air or sky or an angel friend or god himself??"
"I am you."

Was S.J smiling at that moment? Had she understood everything? ...
S.J thought, being an angel is not such a bad idea, coz if you are a true angel, for a fraction of a second, the truth illuminates in your heart , and you know the reason behind everything coming up in front of you.
Wont you enjoy that? After all, its all Just for the Fun. (Yeeeaaaahh..God's fun !!! ) 



I could listen to
what you had to say.

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I WISH I could listen to what you had to say.