Tuesday, March 29, 2011


How quietly
you have covered me
from top to toe
Is it really you?

the constant fights,
I had nearly thought 
I had taken another road

Anyhow , for unknown reasons
I went on , and on
Till I could see nothing ahead
And felt that I am almost dead

And then I realized
(may be you too did)
Something there is between us
Something that doesn't love distance.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Long ago , I used to maintain a diary. Now again I am writing a diary these days. Of course this one is different from the previous one. But I miss my old diary , in the sense , that was a piece of truth of what I was in my childhood. That was my raw consciousness , my unrefined sensibilities and underdeveloped conscience.

Well writing diary is a fun as well as an art. You can use your creativity to the infinite. 
Some day I will share some extracts.

C ya!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Just like that

Today is Holi. A festival. Yet what seems more overpowering is the fact that today is Super Moon. Yes , I have been observing its effects since morning. Everyone at home is behaving strangely. They are restless , get angry even on small things , spoiling each other's moods , not able to control themselves. Even I felt it too strongly. But then I decided not to speak to anyone. Calm whoever is angry. Not mind whenever someone shouts at me.
Haww... hope this day passes quietly.

Friday, March 18, 2011

An Art

Day and day
I do try
Try to Learn
Learn an art
Art of Living.

Night and night
I do ask
Ask to God
To teach me an art
Art of learning.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Troubled Sleep

I am Japan.
Dreams of Waves ,
Broken grounds and Radiation
Have Murdered my sleep.

I am a nameless town
In a crowded country
Called India.
Dreams of Corruption
And Fiery Population
Have Killed my sleep.

I am an Endangered Earth.
Dying every moment from
Innumerous burns and cuts
And rapes and murders.

But no more dreams now,
These are the realities.
And no more dreams anymore
For soon , the Sleep would lull
All the dreams to sleep.

Friends - a story

“Long back there were two friends…..”
“Mummy… ruk kyun gaye… tell naa…”
“oh yeah.. where was I? … Yeah… Long back there were two friends. Mita and Geeta were their names.”
“Why are you laughing?”
“Mummy … Mita is the name of my best friend.”
“Oh.. no no it is another Mita.” Anju stroke her baby’s hairs. She began her story again , recalling faintly the plot of the story.
“They both were like sisters. And more happy and contended than husband and wife…”
“hehe…” Again Shreya’s giggling interrupted Anju. “There is nothing to laugh in it.” , said she and began with the story again.

“One day Geeta fought with Mita on a stupid thing. And as soon as she came home she discovered her favorite doll was stolen away by someone. She began crying until everyone in her house got to know about it. Nobody could convince her that it was only a doll and that she will get another soon. Her mother phoned Mita and asked her to come to soothe Geetha. They all knew Mita can do this impossible thing.” Anju stopped her story at crucial moment to drink water and didn’t realize how much it made Shreya restless. She began calling after her mom , “ What happened next?”

Anju smiled and resumed again , “ Mita came and surprised Geeta. Geeta hugged her and  cried more passionately. She said while sobbing , ‘I thought you won’t come.’ Mita lovingly said ,‘How could you think that?’ And I have not come alone. I have brought this for you. Mita took out from her pocket her own favorite doll and gave it to Geeta. Geeta was now more surprised. She didn’t accept the doll for long time but at last she took it thankfully.

Anju stopped the story and it was only after five - ten minutes Shreya realized it. She asked , “ Mummy , what happened next?” Anju looked at this thoughtful kid and didn’t know what to say. She said , “ Then they both played with it happily.” Again the child lost into deep thoughts. After a while , when Anju changed her clothes and came to bed her daughter asked , “ Mummy , what happened next?”

Now Anju was not at all amused. She was tired , she curtly said . “Beta story is finished now you go to sleep.” It was visible through the kid’s face that she was hurt. She was not yet convinced from the ending of the story. Still she went to bed , pretending to be angry with her mother. But she couldn’t resist herself and said in a low voice to check whether her mother is awake or slept , “ Mummy… mummy…” , “Yes?” , “ Would Geetha  have done same if Mita’s doll was stolen?” . Suddenly Anju’s eyes were wide open. It was not a five year old speaking. Anju lost her words. The answer was clear in her mind. But could she tell the harsh reality of life to her five year old daughter? Could she suggest the possibility of mean act which Geeta would have done? No … No she could not. But one day she would come to know… she would know that I lied to her. No… I want to tell her the reality. She , god knows after how much time , spoke to her daughter in low voice , “perhaps no…” and then She looked at her . Shreya’s face was glowing with heavenly sleep. “Oh God bless my child… take care of her…” Anju kissed her and turned to the other side. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thousand caves

Thousand caves open 
Their dark hearts
And mouths too
Where the Moon is low
The sea calm
The sky clear
And a boat which is near
To take you abroad
Where Light is all to behold
And to drink, only Divinity.  

But the cave 
You must cross
And darkness
You must defeat
And to show you can act well
The part that is given to you
This is the only chance.

(Had written this on someone's bday , that is today , 8th March , but couldn't send , so I posted it here.) 

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