Sunday, February 27, 2011

I have learned few things

I have learned few things,
I have learned them from time.

I have learned to say
What I mean and not what one may like to hear
So I only write "Love you"
When I really mean.

I have learned to choose Friends 
Rather accepting anyone 
Who come to my way... 

And the best lesson I have learned
Is - to keep quiet
When the right words fail to convey
What I mean
Or when the silence seem to 
be the best medicine.

And though from men I have learned
few things from time to time
But these things I have learned
I have learned them from Time.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Bird

"Di ! What are you looking at?"

Something which has stuck somewhere came out as a faint laugh which stayed as a smile on Jeanie's lips. " I? I am looking at that bird." She pointed at a bird who was hovering in the sky.

After a brief pause Yashi again asked Jeanie , " What do you see in her?"

"I think she is young."

"But what makes you think so?" ...

 " She is easy in her flight and she is in love with herself."


Both exchanged a meaningful glance and again begin to observe the bird.

... "Di ... what do you think , will this bird ever feel love for something other than herself?"

"May be ... but..."


"... That 'something other' shall not kill her love for herself... she is quite happy now... with herself."

"But di ..." She stopped speaking as she saw Azhar coming. She stealthily glanced at Jeanie , who also didn't like Azhar's interruption...

Azhar came in  and began teasing both the gals (who were not in the mood to be teased by him) He must have observed this so he asked Yashi out and both went , though the later regretted leaving Jeanie's company.

After some ten odd years both Jeanie and Yashi got a chance to meet and to meet alone. Today silence was the sign of mutual understanding. And observing nature was the sign of life that has remained after the life that has passed.
Yashi felt the pulse of moment so she repeated the history , “Di ! what are you looking at?”

The memory of that day struck Jeanie , she faintly smiled and understanding the game , repeated the fragments of history , “ I ? I am looking at the bird.” Yashi appreciated her in her eyes and smiled.

  “What do you see in her?”

“I think she has lost her beautiful feathers… she is aging.”

Understanding the shift in the old story , she posed her next question artfully. “But she is too far , how did you make out that she is aging?”

“She is flying mechanically , using the same strokes . It seems she is not enjoying her flight. It seems she is not flying for the sake of flying (enjoyment of flying ) but for some need. She has lost her some beautiful feathers.”

“Didi  … will she ever recover her feathers again ? ”

“I am not sure… perhaps she will , the moment she will fall in love with herself again.”

They both looked into each other’s eyes… it was so deep and comforting that it said more than what has been said till the moment. They again looked at the sky until it turned pale to grayish magenta … until all the birds went back to their abode to rest … until all the thoughts settled down and a feeling arose … a feeling of contentment … a feeling of love… love for oneself.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Random thoughts

This Valentine's Day was unexpected. I want to let someone know that I am thankful and happy because of his company at most blissful morning hours on 14th feb... :)

Well ... I am kind of dancing on my heels these days. I am unwell acc to some prescribed rules but I rush and run whole day and don't even take a nap at noon. I have got only few days at home , how can I waste them. :)

I watched today an animated Barbie movie... it was amazing. Wow.. the magical life... being princess... is just Amazing. :)

Its 7 in the evening and (gigling) :P everyone is asleep in my home. My brother has gone to buy Pizza base and vegetables. And I took this (wonderful) chance to peep into my second world and see what's happening. And write what's on my mind ... :)


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When you are no more with me...

When we both began our journey
I had stars in my eyes
And belief in my heart
That we together will reach at our destination

In the way , tears took away all the stars
And The belief trembled.

But now the road has diverged into two
I can feel stars in my eyes again
And my belief more strong.

I can dream of reaching at our destination
I can dream of you as my soul mate,
I can dream of perfection.

These dreams are mine
And "you" of my dream are Mine too.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Memories

"You love me."
"No , I don't." I said that to destroy the pride calmness of his tone.
 "I know you love me."
"No I don't." I said that to trample the confidence of his voice.
" me..."
"I don't I don't I don't." I don't know why I said it thrice. As they teach in English Literature , perhaps , for emphasis...

"You love him."
"May be..." I couldn't crush the voice of Memories.
"No you love him."
"Yes yes... I ... love him." And the cruel laugh resonated the room.
"See now you love him." And the more it laughed and the more I cried...

Now memories were amazed. Tears were rolling down my eyes but I was laughing under them... I looked at the happy-sad faces of those memories. I shouted - Yes I love him. I have loved someone. I am in love. Yes it is love. And it is mine. Not his. Not anyone's. Its pure and its mine . I have discovered Love. And it came after Acceptance. And it will be followed by Patience and Wait. The memories now disappeared. The moment became eternal leaving a memory behind.

The Message

I messaged him.
At 12.30 am? What?
Asked - Are you up?
So did he reply?
Yes. He said  - Yes
I said - Okay.
Why ? Didn't you call up?
I didn't want to talk.
Then why did you message him?

... so that I will curse myself for messaging him... I will have something to do whole night

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Butterfly

Deserted the garden,
Became (perhaps) a desert
Or a party-hall -

I don't care!
My butterfly
Still is Joyous 
in her garden.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


“Who is love?”
“You and Me.”

Where is love?
In the air we breathe.

“How is love?”
“Deep like your eyes.” “Now your turn.”

“ Hmm… What is our relationship.?”
“Our baby.”

“How will he grow?”
“With the consciousness of our souls.”

“When will he die?”
“Not before us.”

“Shehzan… I am afraid of the evil eyes that might harm our baby.”
Shehzan smiled the most perfect smile on the world , took Meera’s hand in his and said , “Evil eyes are nothing but the symbol of our lack of mutual understanding.”  … “But what if we cease to love each other?” Shehzan looked deep into her eyes and said , “Can we ever cease to be ourselves?” Meera’s face glowed with the love of Shehzan. It was heaven where they were together holding each other’s hands.  

[Dedicated to Yoshna , who inspired me to write this. :) ]


“You know my life is at its best track. Its going wonderful. I hope no evil eye should spoil it.” He said it with the angel’s voice. And she with her all sweetness replied hurriedly . “no no no evil eye will spoil your happiness … I will pray for you darling.” And an aura of love bounded them together. She was in his arms when she had closed her eyes. She began dreaming of the perfection of their love which they had dreamed together in the initial days of  relationship. It was so beautiful. The dreams of love in the arms of beloved. She didn’t realize when her thoughts jumped from his life to their love to her own life… which she felt is also going on on right track , on positive note with spreading smiles and love around her. She wanted to share this wonderful feeling with him so she began to speak her thoughts while still dreaming with her closed eyes. “Its a lovely beginning … I hope things get more better… I am feeling useful as I am writing contents that they compliment as inspiring… oh how it feels when they congratulate me… I am so happy…” and she opened her eyes. She found that she was speaking to the walls instead of her beloved. There was no one in the room but darkness. Before tears could form , she forced a smile. Thought she was a fool , how she was lost in dreams when he left , thinking her asleep. Thought she was an idiot who took pillow thinking it as his secure arms. Thought she is just stupid who began talking of her naïve feelings and experiences – But don’t they all go through this stage? Weren’t they all had this naïve feelings and excitements once in their life? … But no… he would have answered me if he were here… listened to me and encouraged and supported and laughed with me … became happy in my happiness…said kind words… and… and... 

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