Monday, August 30, 2010


The simple and selfless love,
Has lost ,
At a bad cost,
And you know , why,  my friend,
You know this very well.

But ...
I want to have hope 
for Peace and Love to be restored soon.


Your love is limited by your nature, then ;

How can you , my dear friend , expect me to cross my limits?

Sunday, August 29, 2010


My friend !
you talk of one thing and do another,
And you preach Kabir,
Its such a shame,
Oh I shouldnt blame,
Its a world ;
A Brave Old World ! 
With Pretentious Face
And so much of disgrace.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


The marks of your feet
Dear , 
are washed away 
by ...
don't you know?
Poor thing!
Someone who doesn't know his fault.
Halt !
Dont rush,
Illusions are in the air,
Before the Final Judgement
Let things be fairer.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Silence of a flower

Amidst the dryness of Waste Land
Silence of flower 
is so sweet and sombre
That now sadness has become her eternal Beauty.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

you DO....

-  I love you , says da angel
-  But I dont love you !
- You do!
- No, I don't ...
- My heart says you do, and it never lies..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A F a c t !

I looked at the m o o n in night,
And I was h a p p y for some reason,
Perhaps it aroused l o v e in me.

Romanticism! Alas!

All is plaster not the reality,
Which is hidden beneath - - - 
- all a l o n e.

Like the m o o n & s t a r s.

Who's Soulmate then?
Its not your fault my love!
Its just a cruel f a c t -
We all are eternally a l o n e.   


-  Lemme come inside you baby!

-  Sorry ! I cant hide you today inside me ...

-  Oh....okay... thanks!! ............ im going ....

-  All I wanted to say was - Sometimes I need your shelter.. and I don't ask that does not mean I am Strong!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Absurd silence

Sometimes we are tired of chat
We try to make love on a hot summer day
We dream of mountains
Cold nights of honey n quilt
And sometimes silent prayers
To cover the guilt…

Sometimes we are tired of making love
We try to chat – all absurd that
Sometimes praise or curse or chase
All we do is to pass the tedious time
Which slogs behind my night dress
As the memory of that crime…

Sometimes we are tired of chat
No love-making , No chatting helps
As if on the top of Alps
We jump to suicide
Jump into the dreadful silence…

Friday, August 13, 2010

A gift that life is ...

Always wrapped with mysteries
A gift that life is ,
           I love,
          I enjoy,
          so alluring,
          so tempting,
          all beauty,
Yet I can not freely play with it
I don't mind... No ! I don't.
Let people grab it,
Let them play with it.

After all they teach this way
How precious it is,
And they only will teach me
To unwrap it.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Its just You

I dont want to make any story in a poem.
Its obscene ... and ridiculous
I dont want any rhythm either
To make fun of my thoughts...

So here again I am 
with what you call bullshit Feminism.
But its different... Not about women
But every human being...

Lets now don't beg for freedom
I have found out where the actual problem lay
It lies inside your crippled soul
Because we are never stopped to do anything by anyone except by our own will 
So lets blame to our crippled will
And not your parents , society , friends or lover
Its just you who is stopping you...
To achieve - what you call - MY DREAMS !


From whole Twilight series - I just loved last dialogue by Bella - "I am not a normal girl and I don't want a normal life." That's why she chose Edward over Jakob , while she loved both because living with Edward would mean leading a different life. 

Some tape in my mind repeats this dialogue again n again ... as if reminding me something which I have forgotten. 

I... I just ... dunno ...  always feel out of the world ... 

Remembering the poem by Frost - Two roads diverged in a yellow wood.....

Its time to prepare myself.... for a combat with an outside world... but before that I will have to win the battle going inside my soul ... 

P.S. - I wish they would have understood me... I don't need / expect shelter from them , all I want is their Faith in me... even if I am badly wrong , after all How I will be able to learn to walk if I wont stumble ? 

Monday, August 2, 2010

Soul in her journey ...

You are in your journey. You know your destination but don't know the right way to reach there. You begin... you stop.. ... again resume... you forget the way ... go back ... again begin....  but when you meet such people or who happen to come in your way and try to tell -- no go this way this is right ... or that way because that seems more proper ... you begin to lose you intuitive power to reach at destination . Or you tend to reach late at your destination.

Now if I apply this to life's journey I feel we tend to opt for wrong or say long way to reach at our destination when we hear everyone's advice or we try to walk on the road of their experience. 

---> You should opt Science Maths ... (But I have inherent talent for photography)

----> Listen ! you cannot do intercaste marriage Ok . (God please!  if you believe in soul mates just answer my one question - Is it necessary that God must have created your soul mate in your caste)

---> Its not right for girls to go out alone. .... (I thought I could better myself by going out n having experience)

     There are infinite examples in this world where 90% people can not do what they should be doing and  what they are made for. Through many sides they are being disturbed .... why? Are these tests by God ? Or some puzzle is behind this? ...... Its a Tornado of thoughts and I m badly struck. ... But really I have unfailing Hope to understand this enigma and find all answers.... One day!!!  

One day all your questions will be vanished ... 
One day you will not need any answers
One day you will smile without cause
And experience peace without pause. 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Memorable --- Friendship day....

Morning 8 o'clock ----- " I m having this headache , my mood is off , everything is so irritating , i just hate to go out..I dont wish to celebrate today..." 

(After sometime) 

"... but I have promised her... she gets only a day to enjoy from her very busy schedule ... I can not disappoint her ... I have to go anyhow..."

(on call - hey! listen I 'll come late , im nt feeling well ryt now...)

(After few hours) 

We were in movie hall ... watching Eclipse ... I were dumb if I wud miss this.... Its amazing... 
n wats dis?? Gifts? she gave me my bday gifts?? Ohh..... im overwhelmed .

I gave her treat... we took lunch... n went out...
The weather was fine now n my mood .. well I was rocking :)

(After having ice-creams , we strolled near a park...)

Me ---- hey! I m not feeling like going inside the park.. its so crowdy ... you know wat sometimes I feel I hate people... as if I am a misanthropist.... lets... lets just stay here ... (on the sideways of pavement where it was fresh grass due to rains. )  

(after five minutes )

Sheena --- yaar... its not bad ... I m enjoying it..
Me --- yeah... I m loving it... atleast we r different - n i love to be different ... n you just see it feels awkward only once when we do something unconventional but later people start following us....

(after 10 min) 

me - hey! see there ! those three guys... they r sitting there... they followed our way ... (laughs) I told you see.... we just once need to show courage...

The day is beautiful... clouds have gathered above that mountain... I m sure its gonna rain this evening...

(Sitting on a bench, in a park sort place in front of a fountain) 

(It started raining after 10 minutes , we went into a cottage .... )

Ah!!!! ..... It feels like we are in Kullu Manali or Ooty or Kodai Kenal .... amazing... woods , greenery , trees , mountain , cottage , people.... chats , pranks , mobile , boy friend , an umbrella  n  two gals lost in their own world ...  I was boosting up her courage so she could settle old matters... She did her best n I love her courage ... I love her actually , she is the one who realized me that I can stay in a relationship for long :P .... its been four years n we are best friends. I m so lucky to have her n I m sure she feels the same... 
You made my day ! 

Love you!  

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