Friday, June 25, 2010

Plain Woman

I am a Plain Woman
I belong to plains
I look very plain
I wear plain clothes...

I am sorry ...
But my life had never been Plain
But it doesn't mean 
That I am not Plain
I have nothing distinct in me....

You think - I am a Desert Woman?
... in my dreams I am ... yes, I am a Desert Woman
Who fights with anguished sand
Who patiently waits for rain
Who has faith to find the oasis of love
Who is incredible for all above

... in my dreams I am a Highland lass too
Who has elevated ideas
Who is on top yet down to earth 
Who has a fairy's heart
Who inspires everyone's art

.... But yet ....
I think I am a Plain Woman
I don't know why...
Perhaps I have not yet shown anything Great
Or perhaps I am different in reality ...
Or may be ....
Well , sometimes you should not look for reasons...
Sometimes you should just let it be ....

Thursday, June 24, 2010


No, it wasn't my Soul,
The colour of sunset
Maturing orange & magenta,
A little purple & whole blue,
Do you have any clue?
Who could drink these colors and 
Blend in the Soul?
Whole in whole
It wasn't me
It was some ghost of glorified painter 
Who let the Passion eat up his body,
Who died when Light was burnt inside his soul....

It was not Death
It is Immortality.

Few days back 
A windstorm of Passion 
Had crushed me too 
But I came out Alive--- 

It was not a survival
It was a Death
Something died ....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Staring out of the window
She looked tired and bored
In her glittering saaree and a diamond ring
She thought, “Im just a body without him”
“… what he would be doing at this moment?”

And He was sleeping peacefully…
In his grave…
He died without her.

I knew I could never be faithful to anyone….

Fallen in love again....

A song... (I have thought abt its music too :P )                     

We talk a lot about love… oh yeah we do…
But do we know a bit about it ?
You bet?  .. uh you do…
No no no… you’ve fallen in love with a friend
Oh no no you don’t even know the rules of this game…
 You liked him first and became a buddy
Oh you had played better with a teddy
What you could do ,
you started liking someone else
But now he says he loves you
Hey now why do your heart fails?

 No no no… you’ve fallen in love again
Oh no no you don’t even know the rules of this game…
You have a cool buddy
Who is like you
One fine day you said you love him
He said it too
But that’s a pure kind of love
Which only you know
and the other one
between whom it grows
No no no… you’ve fallen in love again
Oh no no you don’t even know the rules of this game…   
This time the love is the perfect one
 Are you sad ? you bubble gum!
 If he understands your crazy mind
Whirl around him love’s wind
And if he accepts your heart full of love
Love for everyone
Then then then put him on number One

We talk a lot about love… oh yeah we do…
But do we know a bit about it ?
You bet?  .. uh you do…
No no no… you’ve fallen in love with a friend
Oh no no you don’t even know the rules of this game…
A friend is a friend
Who will come and go
His life is different from yours
But a beloved is a special one
You think so so so…..
Yeah but hey…I am confused again
No no no… you’ve fallen in love again
Oh no no you don’t even know the rules of this game…         

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Warming Hand$ by Clicking photos.....

Have you heard about the magic of Attraction Power? Its like you attract something in your mind and you will get that thing or dream... I do believe in this but I think attracting something unconsciously gives bigger fruit. All I want to say is - if you have a dream , let it mix in your blood , let it become the breath you take ... but you cant do it consciously so if it becomes a part of you (unconsciously) then you will soon watch it becoming a Reality.

It happened with me ... with my dream of clicking photos. I dont want to become a professional photographer  but I am a person who wants to experiment with different ways for expressing  my feelings.... and I am so happy that the time itself gave me the opportunity and handed me a camera to Click .... :) 

I have NO LIMITS ........................................................

Sunday, June 13, 2010

An Initiative - Beyond Expectations

Who can tell what is truth and what futility ?
Who can tell which dream will turn into reality?

When I was attending the Capacity Building Workshop conducted by Pravah Jaipur Initiative in collaboration with other organizations in Jaipur , far in my mind, a dream was shaping that I will conduct a workshop in my hometown too. I learnt comics though I wanted to learn film-making first but I chose comics because I knew I can spread this art easily than film-making. And I am glad that I could do it. And I could do it only when first I thought – I can do it.

I had to face many challenges but as always I am so lucky and things turned into my favor. The workshop was organized by Bharat Vikas Parishad , Pravah Jaipur Initiative & World Comics India. I got so much help from Bharat Vikas Parishad and I represented other two organizations as a volunteer. My only biggest challenge was that I was alone as an instructor or trainer and I knew making Comics is a no joke. We elders could do it in two days with the help of two elder trainers and I had so many small kids , all were below 8th class but as they say , “jahaan chaah hai wahaan raah hai” I did my best. My one friend came ahead to help me . Nishita is pursuing BA(fine arts) from ICG college, Jaipur. Fortunately , she had also attended a one day Workshop on Comics in her college so she was equally supporting me.

Other challenge was collecting kids and managing them . I wanted to conduct this workshop for the students above 8th class but as usual at my end children are very shy & egoistic . They think they know everything and need not to learn anything new. Well , on the contrary , the small kids were so enthusiastic and eager to learn that I couldn’t hold the boundaries which I made any longer.  First day , I had hardly five kids but last day I had almost 20-22 kids . The reason , simply was that children were enjoying themselves and through mouth publicity the grew into a good numbers. They were learning something new which they liked. They were busy , doing something productive and creative. And above all , their parents were encouraging them a lot , after all now children were not watching tv , wasting their time and irritating their parents.

Last day had become very memorable for me as I got many wishes as well as many amazing feedbacks , which I had hardly expected. A small kid , Parv Vyas who is in 3rd std , though couldn’t complete his comics but he made comics in his drawing book which was on “water conservation”. He gave message that – “we should not bath in shower and waste water”. That amazing kid himself used to bath in shower but when he made that comics , he told his mother that – “I wont bath in shower and in bath tub because I myself made comics on that, we should not waste water”.  His mother told me on last day that I was trying to teach  him this from last two months but he wouldn’t listen to me , now your comics workshop has done what I couldn’t. This was a Big Compliment for me. I got success. I told her that if such small child can understand what I wanted to convey then I think I am succeeded in my effort.

The response was beyond expectations. I knew Banswara is not a developed city , but it is an intellectual city. People are ahead in taking initiatives and they engage themselves in many social activities. Many people came to meet me during workshop , to understand the concept and wish me luck. My principle , Saroj Nagawat ma’am asked me to organize a workshop in my old school , which is a thing to proud on. Parv’s mother , who is also a teacher asked me to add Theatre also next time , as she says , many people are interested in learning new things.

Earlier I had planned to take registration fees but then I discarded that thought and took no fees from anyone and so couldn’t provide much things and gifts to kids. But the response and enthusiasm of visitors and well wishers was so amazing that Last Day , Saroj ma’am gifted drawing books to children and Kothari aunty gave them pencils and other stuff . My parents financed the whole workshop. Whole in whole , the workshop  was beyond expectations… & my experience…. Ah! I am short of words now J

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Storm & Silence

Childhood Creativity

These r worst photos but I think best Creativity .... :)

The flight of pigeons 

Ghosts from past

On the Altar ....

Ah... not too bad in Painting!

Dad's gift- d card's cutting 

Story behind the Name  

My so - called OFFICE :P

Some Glassy Glimpses

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