Monday, May 31, 2010

when colors speak...

It is so real, isn't it? 

I loved the colors...

Woods are calling me....

A silence... A path... A spiritual feeling... drowning in Orange effect  

- Vincent Van Gogh 

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Just Clicked Them !!!

Colors of my Home ~!!!!!!!~ Colors around Me 


Half made paintings... 

Sketch made by me - (Ah its just a hobby :) )

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Comics on water conservation

This comics is on - water conservation , use water properly and carefully as well as provide water for birds and animals because in such hot summers the poor birds and animals who can not speak die because of shortage of water....  I hope my comics is able to give proper message.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My English Woman

Watched the movie- P.S. I love you, yesterday... Yes I love you & I love you so much... I love my English woman who is a ghost from my past memories... she is mysterious.. troubles me ... no one can see her.. to feel her you need to open your soul's eyes and see deep inside my soul's eyes.... That's difficult I know :) so here is the song from my heart --- song of an English woman !

Have you seen my English woman sweetheart?
My english woman - 
little pretty a cutie
All which perhaps I am not
Not physically not visibly
My english woman story
I play inside my heart mutely
Have you ever seen her lately?

She rarely comes out
Sorrows are her shades 
Smile always fades
She is a ghost from past memories
My english woman loved - 
She loved gooseberries

My Indianness is a poison for her
She is dying - dying a slow death
She cries - set me free
I wanna see Ireland
My England ! 
I love their seasons
And I hate your reasons
Why should I not live? 
Live a life of an English Woman...
Is she dead? Or sobbing still in a corner of my heart?
Have u seen her lately my sweetheart?

This is rather a sad story
But I wont cry tonight
I - I remember how to fight
I feel the ghost passing by me
The ghost of my English woman
Is this a good omen?
Am I your Indian wife?
Yes, perhaps in this life.
But do you love my other one too?
...... oh! I gave you a clue....
My English woman lives in the center of my heart
Have you seen her lately my sweetheart?
Have you seen her? 
Have you seen her lately my sweetheart?

Monday, May 10, 2010

My first Comics --- :)

It is called Grassroot comics as it is based on issues & problems which are deep rooted in our society ---

Ahh!! NO COMMENTS please ... :( I made it in just 2 days...) I hope I will improve more & more... 
Cheers! :)

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