Monday, November 13, 2017

Backbiting is most Annoying Habbit of Indians

One Annoying Habbit of fellow indians which irritate me Most - - -

Sadly, this is one of those questions which bring into your mind , not just one answer but the whooooooooole LIST.

Still, going with the question, my one word answer is - BACKBITING.

Let me now explain it. If you live in a small town, people are so so so much FREE that all they find interest in BACKBITING. And specialized in this are Aunties. Although they would tell you, "Mujhe jo kehna hai main toh muh per hi keh deti hun..." Still they are Masters in BACKBITING. The second common dialogue is - " Kehna mat kisi ko ...." Shhhh... But they are the first one to Tell you all the Gossip. And Last but not the least, " Main to kabhi kisi ki buraai karti hi nahi hun..." Lol.

In small towns, this Backbiting take away most of the creative energy from people. Instead of indulging in Gossiping and Backbiting if they do something Productive and Creative, India would become more and more better. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

To my girl

When you read this some years later, you would wonder to know that when I wrote this, you were lying on my lap. I love you a lot. I can’t fathom this “lot”,  no one can, because I don’t show to everyone my love for you. But I will try to tell you here in petty words what kind of love it is. 

My love for you is full of dreams and rainbows. When I see you growing up in my dreams, I see you as a bubbly girl dancing in joy, soaked to your soul in the rain of love. I see you as a mature girl, who knows the reason of being here, in this world. I don’t want you to walk on drawn patterns, I want you to draw new lines and see new horizons. You know, when you smile, you touch my soul. Keep smiling always and be different, that’s important. 

Gender Issue

This was the cruelest wound ever. Lets understand it this way , till I did not conceive everyone wished I should have a baby, and when I did , they prayed it should be a boy. And when it was a girl, there was more sighs in the air than laughs.

No it is not a whole truth. The truth is, my hubby was so happy to see his girl that the tears roll down his cheeks when he first saw her. My father in law was perhaps the least happy person. Even my Mother in law seemed too happy, because she has no girl child and she missed it so much in her life.

Living in a joint family all these three years I realized, the society has changed but not that much. Boy-girl issue is still there even in educated families. Before marriage I had never thought that I would face such things after marriage. No wonder, joint family teaches you everything and makes you mature before time.  

Sunday, August 14, 2016

True Love or Love !

I firmly believe, there is nothing called True Love. 
Either it is love or nothing.

I believe, Love is solely based on Understanding. The more you understand a person, the more you feel close to his/her thoughts and emotions, the more you like them and that's love. 

Duties are Duties !

A woman's life, start from beginning rolls around Duties. A man , while exaggerates his duties at work place, back at home even for a glass of water he is dependent on a woman. Often it is noticed that duties of a minister, officer, teacher and alike are exaggerated. While it is a woman who for 24 hours performs her duties without even recognition. Many a times its just a DUTY for her and not always her heartfelt job.

Yes, that's true, when a woman is a daughter-in-law , a wife , a mother, a caretaker for someone, she knows she is performing her duties. Its not that she always feel great to do such things. And who's there to tell her, that Great Job Done ! Duties well performed ! You deserve an award! and that, We are grateful to have you !

No its not being hypothetical ! It is called Recognition. How many times in a day, week or month you recognize that woman of your house is performing her duties. Her duties are of same importance that of the duties of a Minister or Officer. Because of a well-managed family these men are able to work at their work-place.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Post Card for you !

This one for you all - 

And I am so happy today, I sent post cards to friends.
The fragrance of love and relation remains fresh with these little acts.

With love !

# Postcards on Paulo Coelho's blog check out-  Here

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Know when you need new Friends

I miss those times when six years back we used to walk on the terrace and talk heart to heart, soul to soul. The impression of my hostel days still remain dark on my heart. I miss such a friend in my life with whom I can talk and discuss all things close to human development. But does such friendship last forever?

I don't know this yet. We have Watsapp, Facebook etc but they do not ensure warmth of any relationship. I think we all do have our Journeys, and we keep meeting new co-travelers. This is what I truly love about this Journey called Life.

Whom we even think are our best-est buddies, may be there in our lives for short period. In our journey when we feel we are on Fast Development Mode, our some friends might get left behind. And then we begin to feel the void, and an urge to have a friend with whom we could share our Development Progress or Experiences of  our Journey.

There, I guess, we feel the yearning to make New Friends. Those who have similar experiences, consciously on their Development Journey or may be ahead of us in terms of Progress.

And, Truly, one can't live without honest, encouraging and inspiring friends. So, Know when you really need new Friends and don't hesitate to Move Forward.

with Smiles ! :)

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Monday, March 28, 2016

That day ... I was made to believe

That day... I let it be, and decided to believe that Fate is a powerful thing, and we can not always choose what do we want.

That day ... I  was made to believe, God does what is best for us.

* This post is written for IndiSpire prompt - Write one liner, fiction, poetry or experience starting with "That day..." #ThatDay 

Monday, March 21, 2016


There should be at least one person in your life
whom you could tell anything odd-even,
truth-lie, fancy, fantasy
just Anything.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Look Inside and find what Happiness is

IndiSpire Topic - What does happiness mean to you? Do you go looking for happiness? #Happiness

Look everything around for what makes you happy

Look back and know the moments that made you happy

Look Inside and find what Happiness is 

To me it is 

A gloomy-red sunset
A cup of ginger tea
A passionate novel !

Drizzling rains
Scooty long drives
A day-time movie in Hall !

To have a soulful talk
And spend time with loved one...

Happiness to me is an Attitude, you can wear it daily, and good if you do.

And truly, I don't go looking for it, because I believe its not a Thing placed Outside, it is something you Create. That is why, some people choose to be Happy regardless of any obstacle and problems. 

What happiness is for you - 

Reply in one word, a sentence, a couplet or in a few lines. Based on memory or fiction, whatever , but plunge in Happiness and you would just love it.


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sanyaa - One line fiction

Sanyaa said stiffly , Silence ! Sun sinks, sympathetically.

#IndiSpire topic : Write a post in which all words start with 'S'

Sunday, December 27, 2015



I have not been a trained dancer. I have never learned any dance form be it Indian or western. But since first class in my school, I remember myself participating in Dance performances. I have been crazy about dance through out my school days.

I have quite wonderful memories related dance and my craziness for it. In my co-ed school, I was the first one to prepare girls-boys dance (although that could not succeed coz boys fell in love with girls and it ended badly) (Laughing out loud).We were also first one to dance on slow music, kind of couple dance (this time girls playing the roles of boys.) (It was still a bold step for a school function.) I had choreographed many dance performances, and my favorite one was a Mujra which we performed on the Annual Function in my 12th standard. 

I love organizing dance functions , so I have organized a couple of dance functions in my Colony. For an organization, I have taught dance to kids for many years. It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction when a kid knocks my door to ask, "would you help us preparing a dance." 

Later, I was in the Banasthali University, where it was hard to enter into dance performance for Annual function. So when I got a chance to participate in a play, I did it. From there I turned towards writing. I became an editorial team member of our college magazine. After that I never got chance to perform on a big stage. 

But I still love dance and fancy to become a dance tutor and performer. Dance is one thing that boosts my creativity and gives a sense of soulful Living.


Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Dog in a room full of Mirrors

I had an idea, and I began to write a 50 word fiction. As soon as it crossed the limit 50 , I tried to cut and alter. Anyways ! I couldn't do that. So here's what a 50, later 100 and now 148 word fiction has become.

As soon as, Wahida and I stepped out from our Aunt’s house, she chuckled and spoke into my ears, “ oh my God! How honey-coated words she was speaking, how well she was behaving with me … though she is not as bad as I thought.” I thanked god, for my sister behaved nicely too with my aunt.

Wahida was trying to stay away from society. It has been four years, she stayed alone at some part of the country. Meantime she grew hostile towards our folks because they did not treat her nicely during her trouble times. Today’s incident reminded me a story of an angry dog who saw his own images barking at him, in a room full of mirrors. And when another dog came in waving its tail, all dogs were doing the same in return. 

I began to wonder, which Dog I have been recently.  

Uncertainties - 50 words Fiction

These are two inter-related pieces of Fiction in 50 words .

"Right now, I am standing in a pool of uncertainties."
"What would you do then Jeanie?"
"I will just relax and float. I know I am not going to die that way."
" But still, what would you live upon?"
" Faith. He will place everything in its order. Sooner or Later."

Jeanie, after nine years, looks out from her kitchen window,
the sun was hazy, the flowers smiled profoundly at her. 
At Eleven, youngsters began to hop into her Book café.
Her dream café, it was.
She felt immense proud at her establishment and
her book, called “The Book of Uncertainties.”

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Till the end of the world

"Till the end of the world
I will follow you !"
He didn't.
She said looking at the heated Sun,
"Its Still Okay !"

till the end of the world

 There is Love
There is Care
and yet ...
she chooses to take a boat
at a lonely sea shore
and moves on
till the end of the world

Christmas once again !

As I was walking on the less-crowded road today, I realized why do I love Christmas more than any festival. As I walked on the road, I imagined the gift shops, lighting, kids playing around, the decorated Christmas tree, people busy in buying gifts for their friends and family.

Yes this is the reason why I love Christmas. I love gifts - both receiving and giving. And Christmas is the festival of Celebrating together and exchanging gifts.

On Diwali,  you toil hard for 2-3 months to clean the house, repaint it and prepare refreshments for god-knows-who. Diwali is a festival that demands lot of work to be done.  On Christmas, there is a little preparation and lots of fun.

Practically I have never celebrated it on a large level. But I wish to. In my childhood, my friends knew I love Christmas, so they would bring me cake and I would buy gifts for them. Sometimes it feels, nothing except friends truly care about you love. 

One day I really wish, on the Christmas morning I would see loads of gifts in front of me.

And one day, I would secretly like to, send some precious gifts to those I love. And I would  hope they would never come to know  that it was me. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Pink City - The Queen of Cities

image by - Vivek Kakkar
Could anyone fall in love with a city so much so that when you are away you miss the City, in spite of your loved ones ? The answer is YES  (in Bold and Capital). Though India is a very diverse country and all cities have their own beauty and peculiarities. But the cities of Rajasthan are magnificent because of their glorious historical sites and the stories living there. In West India, in the state called Rajasthan, my beloved city is Jaipur. The cultural heart of India, Pink City Jaipur is a Queen of all Indian cities. Its a well-designed and an interesting blend of Tradition and Modernism. Jaipur is a city of Art, Culture and Heritage. It personifies Elegance, Grace and Luxury.

image by - Vivek Kakkar

Jaipur is not only rich in culture and arts, it’s also a very well-planned city with a blend of modern and traditional architecture. The old city was planned with Indian vastu shastra by Vidyadhar Bhattacharya in 1727.  Design is the core of this city. Walls are painted pink with traditional white mandana designs. The reason why Jaipur is called Pink City is because of its Pink Walls throughout the  city. “The historical reason for the uniform colour of central Jaipur lies with the absolute power of the Maharaja (Sawai Ram Singh) over his capital and his extreme strategy to impress Prince Albert during his 1876 tour of India.” Thus at that time Maharaja ordered to repaint the entire city. The color was terracotta pink as this color historically represents welcoming and hospitality. Since then Jaipur wears Pink color, which indeed looks very pretty.  

The broad roads of the city are a luxury for those who love to drive. Except for the Bazaars of Old City (Suraj Pol, Chand Pol, Bapu Bazaar etc.), entire Jaipur has broad roads and pavements on roadsides. My favorites are two Parallel Long Heart-line roads of Jaipur – Tonk Road and JLN Road. The short drives from city to Jal Mahal , Amber Fort, Nahargarh Fort are exceptional. Weekend drives to nearby places of Jaipur is a true luxury and what if its with Tata. Tata Motors is a pride of India and a synonym with Innovation.  

image by - Vivek kakkar

 And in the end of the story, if you have never been to Rajasthan and specially Jaipur, pack your bags, gear up your Four-Wheels TATA and come to Jaipur. Connect with the local arts, experience Marwari culture, taste the lip-smacking Marwari food (especially Daal-Baati) and breathe in the magical aroma of Rajasthan. For an unforgettable experience, visit the nearby villages (like Bagru) in Jaipur to know the art of hand block printing and don’t forget to visit Chawki Dhani, a village-entertainment resort to have a glimpse of Marwar. While if you are a lover of books, films or Luxurious stuff , you can make a trip of Jaipur around Jaipur Literary Fest , Jaipur Film Festival or my favorite one Fairhex Fair in August.

Meantime, watch Lionel Messi playing amazing football and go through TATA MOTORS to check out amazing products and deals. Remember, its made of great, just like my Jaipur. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

What is life : JLT

Everyday this questions comes to my mind. It is not that I think a lot, but thoughts just happen to me.
What is life? No word, sentence, paragraph or book can describe it, I am sure. But tit-bits of thoughts might ?

I had read a quote somewhere, it sounded so true - "Life is what happens to you, while you are busy making other plans".  Someone met with an accident, someone got cancer, a dear one died prematurely , and so on... Life happens to us, while we are busy making other plans.

Sometimes, all of a sudden you feel , whether the decisions you took, all of them, were terribly wrong.

As it is...

Every girl desires a secret love
an anonymous lover
a mysterious love story

Its weird 
but I strongly feel
you are there
you read me
every word, breaks
between the words and empty spaces

I don't know who you are 
but I strongly feel
You are connected to my soul.
You are there!

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